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Hi, I'm Annette Wade...or Annette on the 'Net. Hopefully we can keep each other company during the workday. I love that I get to play great music for all of us to keep our days going. I also will share fun celebrity info, local events and some feel good news stories from time to time. 

I live in Metairie with my 7 year old twins and my "beer guy" husband. I spend my off-hours trying to think how a "beer guy" can get me free wine. It never works. I love drinking wine with my mom friends while we have play dates - which is, of course, code for let the kids play with each other so they don't bother me. I bought myself a vacuum for my last birthday so I'm officially lame. 

Check out my BAD MOMS PODCAST HERE with Tpot from B97.

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