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I chose the photo booth pics because my kids were wearing nice clothes and I had make-up on. Those things never happen. :)

Hi, I'm Annette Wade...or Annette on the 'Net. Hopefully we can keep each other company during the workday. I love that I get to play great music for all of us to keep our days going. I also will share fun celebrity info, local events and some feel good news stories from time to time. 

I live in Metairie with my 6 year old twins and my "beer guy" husband. I spend my off-hours trying to think how a "beer guy" can get me free wine. It never works. I love drinking wine with my mom friends while we have play dates - which is, of course, code for let the kids play with each other so they don't bother me. I bought myself a vacuum for my last birthday so I'm officially lame. 

Tpot from B97 and Annette on the Net talk about parenting fails and real life. Can you relate? LISTEN TO THE BAD MOMS PODCAST.

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