From Blonde to Black and Back: 5 Hair Shades of Sophie Turner

February 21, 2020

Sophie Turner stole our hearts as the redheaded Stark girl on "Game of Thrones," but growing up in the spotlight has come with its growing pains...and hair color alterations.

While Turner seems to look great no matter what her hair is doing, she's certainly served up some different looks over the years when it comes to the color of her locks. From Sansa Stark to Dark Phoenix, on-screen Turner loves the bright red styles, but everyday Turner has been a little more adventurous with the looks she chooses.

She may be one of the most dangerous celebrities, but it's safe to say her hair color choices are totally on point. To celebrate her 24th birthday (she was born Feb. 21, 1996), check out some of her best hair color looks:

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