Camila Cabello Shares the Special Meaning Behind Her First Tattoo

Plus the latest sample from her upcoming ‘Romance’ album

November 15, 2019

Camila Cabello offered up yet another sample of her upcoming Romance album on Friday, debuting the sultry and bouncy “Living Proof.” It’s the fifth look at her sophomore album, and another excellent example of the exciting new era from the singer.

“I just wanted this album to sound like what falling love feels like, pretty impossible thing to do but I can say I gave it all I had,” Cabello wrote earlier this week as she announced the album will officially arrive on December 6.

“I’ve never lived as much life as I did writing this album. It was messy, and beautiful, unforgettable and at times so painful I wish I could forget. It was excruciatingly consuming and impossible not to get lost in. It was mine… and now it’s yours. I hope you love it as much as I’ve loved living it.”

Along with the new song, comes new ink for Camila Cabello. On Instagram Friday morning she showed off her very first tattoo, a quote from one of her favorite movies, Shakespeare In Love.

“Never thought I’d get a tattoo before but I asked my mom to write to me a promise she’d want me to make to her that she thought i would need for the rest of my life,” Camila says of the message behind her “it’s a mystery” tattoo.

“Long story short, it’s a pinky swear to her to remember, no matter what happens, everything is gonna turn out well. There’s no telling how, but it always does.”

Cabello also announced her 2020 tour this week, kicking off in July and playing arenas around the country. You can find the full list of dates here.

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