Gavin DeGraw Says Family Loss is Inspiring New Music

The singer-songwriter also talks about his rescue dog

August 8, 2019

Gavin DeGraw is working on new music and it’s deeply personal. The singer-songwriter stopped by WCBS in New York and opened up about how losses in his family are inspiring him.

“I had kind of a hard time a couple years ago and I lost some family members - my mom and grandmom and granddad. So I just needed to kind of get this material out of my system,” DeGraw said. “I’m making it sort of in the vein of a Seger record – a Seger meets Springsteen meets Petty-style record. I want to write songs that inspire me.”

Gavin brings his rescue dog “Buddy” with him everywhere he goes and spoke glowingly of his best friend to Scott Shannon in the Morning With Patty Steele.

"I've had him since a day or two before Thanksgiving, and now we're tight, we're a couple."

He encountered Buddy after a Willie Nelson concert at a highway gas station in Texas.

"He strayed off the highway, a tractor-trailer ran by, I threw a Chicken McNugget at him ...he came over and sat down on my foot, then I took him home."

Offstage, Gavin co-owns NASHVILLE UNDERGROUND, it's a 40,000 square foot bar, restaurant & event space he opened with his brother Joey located in the heart of downtown Nashville on historic lower Broadway.

"My brother, he had the eyes of the future on that place there years ago," Gavin admits. "He hit me up just about 10 years ago and said let's open a bar in Nashville."

Gavin initially said "no" but eventually changed his mind and it paid off.

"The first thing that we did was sign a 25-year lease on the storefront and the market just exploded."