Taylor Swift's Father Fights Off Burglar in Florida

A scuffle with Scott Swift

February 18, 2020

Taylor Swift’s father reportedly had a run-in with a robber last month, before fighting him off and forcing the felon to flee. Scott Swift got into a scuffle with someone inside his $4 million Florida penthouse according to the Tampa Bay Times, after coming home and finding a 30 year old man.

According to documents obtained by the paper, Terrence Hoover climbed 13 floors on an emergency escape stairwell to get inside the 5,359-square-foot space owned by Swift. Scott reportedly came home at 10PM to find Hoover in his home, and had an altercation with the man before he ran from the scene.

It was Hoover who called the cops to report the incident with Swift, with his mother claiming that her son was simply lost and should only be charged with trespassing. The mother alleges that Hoover was “looking for churches by the water” when he entered Scott Swift’s home. Hoover was arrested on burglary charges.

Taylor Swift does not live with her father, and it’s still unknown if Scott Swift was being targeted in the crime. The family is no stranger to this though, with Taylor’s home being broken into twice before by an admitted stalker.

In other Swift news, Taylor has released a live version of her song “The Man,” calling out the double standard in the bold standout from her Lover album. The recording and video are taken from a performance in Paris in 2019.

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