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Demi Lovato Reveals Her Truth With New Single, "Sober"

Demi Lovato has shared a heartbreaking announcement with the release of her new single, " Sober ." The global superstar shared the song on her social media accounts earlier today with the caption, "My truth..." Lovato revealed within her new lyrics that she has relapsed after six years of sobriety... Read More
Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone attending the European premiere of Creed held at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London.

The Creed-Drago Rivalry Will Break You in 'Creed II' Trailer

"I must break you." That line was what the official trailer for Creed II just said to us. And sure enough it worked because as soon as this trailer dropped, we just fanboy-ed all over the place as the legacy of Adonis Creed, son of Apollo Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan , continues under the... Read More

John Legend Tests Internet Hacks for Opening Wine (VIDEO)

Let me start by saying I've seen someone actually open a bottle of wine using a key (we were in a movie theater and thirsty... don't judge) and I've seen progress made by hitting the bottle with a shoe. But now John Legend is the hero we wine-o's need!!! Testing out internet hacks to see which... Read More
Performer Michael Jackson is shown in concert Oct. 24, 1988, in Auburn Hills, Mich.

Coming to Broadway: Michael Jackson, The Musical

This P.Y.T. has never been to a live performance on Broadway... but that is all about to change! All humans, music fans, and glove fanatics, prepare to be thrilled! The team at Columbia Live Stage and the heirs of Michael Jackson 's estate officially announced that they are coming together to put... Read More
Millie Bobby Brown

WATCH: Millie Bobby Brown Speaks Out Against Bullying

After deleting her Twitter in response to cyber bullying, Millie Bobby Brown is speaking out. The super sweet actress has been the butt of a very insensitive “joke” for the past few months. Twitter trolls have taken photos of Millie and photoshopped violently homophobic slurs on them, making it... Read More
Excited teenager showing a rock sign while listening to music in headphones

Millennial Classic Rock: Change A Song Title

Millennials from all over the world are taking to Twitter today change the names of popular classic rock songs and turning them into millennial-themed jokes. It's all part of a trending hashtag, #MillennialClassicRock. Not gonna lie, they are HILARIOUS. Here are some of our favorites! #... Read More

Justin Timberlake Writes Father's Day Note to Son

As if I needed more reasons to love Justin Timberlake... now this! He took to social media just like we all do sometimes to express our feelings and this one included a sweet note to his son, Silas, on his Instagram. He wrote, "The last 3 years of my life have brought more joy than I could ever... Read More

Wet Nose Pet: Matilda

This friendly robust lady is going to be an awesome family member soon. She gets along great with people and other dogs, and is always very social. Matilda is welcoming to new people and well-mannered, and everyone is charmed by her goofy energy. In her previous home, Matilda was loved, but too... Read More
Jan 23, Miami, FL, USA; Recording artist Madonna performs during her Rebel Heart Tour stop at the American Airlines Center.

Confirmed: Madonna Has New Music On The Way

The Billboard record holder for most No. 1 songs on every single chart combined is prepping to bless us with yet another. The last time Madonna released anything was three years ago, in 2015, when she dropped her thirteenth studio album, Rebel Heart . Working with producers such as Diplo and the... Read More