Tofu Pudding: Things My Kids Won't Eat (anymore)

September 7, 2017

Thanks to Facebook Memories, apparently I used to feed my kids tofu and peas??? If there wasn't photographic evidence that I posted myself I don't even think I'd believe this...but here it is.

This was clearly before my now 5-year-olds had beaten my spirit down. Because today's breakfast included a Little Debbie brownie for my daughter and Pringles for my son. Listen...I just wanted them to get dressed and get in the car before we missed the carpool line and the school closed the gate. The gate closes at 8am sharp. The twins were out of the car at 7:59am. Brownies and chips are the price I paid today.  To make up for it, maybe peas and tofu for dinner tonight. Maybe not.  :)

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