Welcome to Things My Kids Won't Eat

September 5, 2017

Believe it or not. That picture above of pancakes and chocolate sauce? No-go with my 5-year old. Huh?

Like a zillion other moms of little kids, my children's diet consists mostly of chicken nuggets and mac & cheese (but it better be the regular Kraft kind and not the kind with the fun shapes like Star Wars pasta because that looks fun in the store mom, but when you bring it to me in a bowl I will literally cry over it and certainly could never eat it).

Their pre-school had a 2 "no thank you" bite rule for all foods served so I kinda let my introduction of new foods slide thinking, eh - it's covered. Now in kindergarten they bring their lunch which consists of usually...wait for it...chicken nuggets. So I'm going to do better! I say that sort of thing in my head all the time and then never do it, so I'm hoping this blog called "Things My Kids Won't Eat" will help in 2 ways...

1. I actually have to offer them other foods occasionally
2. Even when they don't eat it, I get to share with you & maybe you can sympathize. So thank you in advance for that!

In this first entry, I could share what they had for dinner last night, but they ate that! Because it was chicken nuggets. So instead I'm sharing what I ordered at a restaurant for my daughter this weekend at brunch at a restaurant called The Flying Pig Cafe. The picture is pancakes covered with chocolate ganache. I cut some up for her and tried just a little - it was amazing! I figured I had a winner because she does eat pancakes (the frozen kind, I'm not Martha Stewart before school each morning) and she's a candy junky...so add chocolate and this has to be a winner, right? Two bites. Maybe the old rule from school is sticking with her. 

So what did they eat? Well later that day we went with friends to Freezy Street on St Claude where they do rolled ice cream. Which is so much fun to watch being made - at least the moms thought it was. I think the kids would have just liked a shorter wait. And my son ate his snowball (blue raspberry...so let's call that a fruit serving) and my daughter ate her cake batter ice cream rolls with sprinkles and an Oreo (not all of it, because she managed to spill half on our couch when we got home).

Wish me luck and thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have on how to get them to try new things.

- Fingers crossed and chicken nuggets in the freezer.
Annette on the Net :)