7 Songs to Celebrate DAD this Father's Day

June 14, 2019

Sunday is Father’s Day and a perfect time to get a playlist together to honor the man that has been there for you since the beginning.

Many artists have created songs detailing the joys of fatherhood, missing their dearly departed dads, or even butting heads with the most influential male figure in their lives. 

Here are seven daddy-centric jams that are rooted in love for fathers.

“Daddy” by Beyoncé

“Daddy” is the closing track on Queen Bey’s 2003 debut solo album "Dangerously in Love" and pays homage to her father and then manager Mathew Knowles. Recorded before marrying Jay-Z and having her three kids, Beyoncé sings: “I want my unborn son to be like my daddy, I want my husband to be like my daddy, There is no one else like my daddy.”

“Song for Dad” by Keith Urban

The country singer is not afraid of turning into his father as he sings about being proud of their similarities. “And I only hope when I have my own family, that every day I see a little more of my father in me.” The loving song appears on Urban’s 2000 album "Golden Road." Urban’s father passed away in 2015.

“I Learned From You” by Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus

What better way to create a song about your father than alongside your father? Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus teamed up in 2006 to drop this relatable, father-daughter track on Hannah Montana's self-titled album. Sure, it takes you back to the teen pop, Disney Cyrus days, but the lyrics are still very touching. 

“My Father’s Eyes” by Eric Clapton

Clapton won a Grammy for the 1998 sentimental single that was written about the father he never knew. In his autobiography, Clapton added to the song’s emotion by describing how he also tried to draw a parallel with his late son, Conor.  “Where do I find the words to say? How do I teach him? What do we play?,” he sings. “Bit by bit, I've realized, That's when I need them. That's when I need my father's eyes.”

“Unforgettable” by Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole

Natalie Cole’s 1991 virtual cover alongside her late dad Nat King Cole not only won four Grammys, but also became the the most popular choice for father-daughter dances at weddings for years to come. Unforgettable in every way!

“Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder

In the 1976 classic, Wonder coos about the joys of fatherhood as he describes with elation the birth of his real-life daughter Aisha. “Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she precious? Less than one minute old.” Proof there’s nothing quite like a father’s love.

"It Won't Be Like This For Long" by Darius Rucker

This is a heartbreaker for dad (& moms) about how quickly those kids grow up. It was released in November 2008 as the second from his first country music album Learn to Live.

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