Avengers Endgame Bathroom Break Plan for the 3 Hour Movie

April 25, 2019

Don't worry - NO SPOILERS ARE AHEAD. :) 

Everyone is talking about Avengers Endgame. The reviews say it is great. But we know for sure that it is loooooong! I personally think there should be an intermission in a movie this long, but since there isn't, IGN.com put together 4 spots where you can take a quick break with minimal plot loss. So when is it safe to run to the bathroom?

  • About 55 Minutes in: The setting is Japan, and this is the moment where Ronin/Hawkeye gets an update to what he has been up to since the last movie. You already knew from the trailers he was coming back, so the only thing you will miss here is a fight scene.
  • About 1 hour and 3 minutes in: At Avengers HQ, it is an update telling about the infinity stones. If you don't want another refresher on them, you can use the bathroom here
  • About 1 hour and 10 minutes in: We can't give the setting because it's a spoiler, but Thor and Rocket are together and go back and forth with banter that is funny. It's reportedly not a deal breaker for the movie to miss this.
  • About 1 hour and 40 minutes in: In New Jersey, the scene will be when a car drives by and it cuts to a new scene. This is your last chance to take a break til the end of the movie. Sorry. You just can't miss anything after this.

So maybe don't hydrate too much before this one and enjoy the epic-ness of this movie!


(photo courtesy of Getty Images)