College Swimmer Recreates Beyonce's Dance Moves in Viral Video

June 29, 2018

Beyonce photo: © Zoe Meyers-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, seriously. How long did it take him to learn these dance moves? He is nailing this so hard!

A college swimmer for Alabama named Christian Styrcker has called himself Beyonce's biggest fan and it's pretty hard to argue with based on his dedication to her routine. Here's a video that's gone viral of him warming up before swimming by doing her choreography from her Coachella show.

And thanks to the internet, here's a version where WE can also hear the music...

How does it compare to the original? Once again, he'll show us...

Also...not Christian's first performance of the Queen Bey's dances.

Tons of celebrities have been praising the viral video and apparently even Beyonce has reached out to let him know he could dance for her anytime.

Definitely he's feeling good when he dances and I hope we all get to enjoy some of that happiness!