A Bill Would Rename I-10 in Louisiana to "Who Dat Nation Highway" From Texas to Mississippi

April 2, 2019

When I came across this yesterday I automatically thought this was an APRIL FOOLS joke but it's not a joke just bad timing to realy the news. 

There is a senate bill 134  that would rename I-10 from the Mississippi State line to the Texas state line as the "Who Dat Nation Highway." 

The bill would be for the state Department of Transportation to put up and maintain signs. The bill also says the cost for each sign should not exceed $1,100 per sign. I say lets do it!!  That way when other teams/fans drive in from out of state they will know we don't play in Louisiana. 

What would be really funny if Department of Transportation would build a rest stop/ gift shop at the 3.28 and 328 mile markers. WHO DAT!!! 

So what do you think? Should we rename it?