High Heel Crocs Are a Thing. Should they Be?

July 13, 2018

In defense of the Crocs...my kids wear them ALL THE TIME! They can easily put take them on and off. They can get wet. They're fast. They are the perfect kid shoe. And for full-disclosure, one time I was at a very loooooong event where I was wearing uncomfortable shoes. I was working and someone was selling Crocs. I bought them and maybe was the happiest I'd ever been to change into them. So they are comfortable. But are they able to be high-fashion?

You can now buy Crocs with a thick 3-inch heel. So I guess it's kinda fun, but did they just take away the comfort factor? And it's not like I'm wearing these to a job interview..so why do they have them? Would you rock some high-heeled crocs?

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