Did John Stamos Just Get Another Celebrity's Face Tattooed on His Arm?

March 18, 2019

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John Stamos and Nick Jonas have had an ongoing social media joke for a while about who loves the other more. I think John Stamos may have just won.

In the past, the've had pics of each other on shirts and a pillow case, but now John posted a picture of apparently getting a tattoo of Nick Jonas' face on his arm. That is some extreme Jonas Brother love!


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We're pretty sure it's not a permanent tattoo, but it sure is funny. Can't wait to see how Nick Jonas tops this one.

The history of their public displays of affection started when back in October, John wore a Jonas Brothers t-shirt to the American Music Awards. Nick then wore a sweatshirt of John wearing the shirt ...and so on...

It’s your move @johnstamos #jonasbrothers #sucker Photos: Backgrid

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I had the craziest dream last night... #jonasbrothers #sucker

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I’ll sleep well tonight knowing #sucker is number 1!

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