Ed Sheeran Backstage Rehearsing with Musical Legend Don McLean

August 21, 2018


Ed Sheeran spent his day off from his huge international tour raising money for teen cancer causes in southern California. He teamed up with singer and writer Don McLean, best known for the song "American Pie," and before they hit the stage together...someone was smart enough to roll video of them backstage rehearsing.

Can you believe this is Ed just trying to learn a song? He's so talented!

In the footage, Sheeran is seen strumming his guitar to the iconic hit, while he and McLean take it in turns to sing the verses before finally duetting on the chorus.

"Vincent" is a song by Don McLean written as a tribute to Vincent van Gogh. It is also known by its opening line, "Starry Starry Night", a reference to Van Gogh's painting The Starry Night. The song also describes different paintings by the artist. It was created on the 100th anniversary of the midpoint of Van Gogh's life.

McLean wrote the lyrics in 1971 after reading a book about the life of the artist. The following year, the song became a hit going #1 in the UK and top 10 in the US.

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