Forget Umbrellas - Here's Your New Rain Gear for Festival Season

February 5, 2019

Does "The Walking Pod" look a little insane? Yes. Would I have paid an insane amount of money for it the day I stood in the rain for 2 hours waiting for Billy Joel at Jazz Fest? YES!

A company is marketing these as a replacement for umbrellas for people to get less wet in the rain. Now I don't think I'd use this on a regular basis...but for a festival I actually might.

It doesn’t rain much in Los Angeles, so when it does you have to take the proper precautions.

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I've even seen people with these kind of things in real life when they watch their kids playing sports, but I'd prefer they just call of the game if the weather is that bad, right?  Also... these won't work for Mardi Gras because the only catch zone is in your face. :)