I Took My Kids to Jazz Fest... A Survivor's Story

April 29, 2019

My 6 year old daughter's class performed in the kid's tent at Jazz Fest so I figured if she were going to her first Jazz Fest, I should probably take her twin brother along. So it was settled. I'm taking the kids to Jazz Fest. I'm sure that doesn't sound like a big deal to a lot of people, but I find it hard to take my kids to the grocery store so I wasn't looking forward to it.

I knew it wouldn't be *my* kind of Jazz Fest, the kind where I sit in my folding chair all day except for when I'm on a quick food or drink run, but my best friend and her kids were coming and I still hoped it would be fun for us all. Well... it was and it wasn't.

First of all, did you know there's a kid's area? Ok, so I knew there was a kids area, but I'd never seen it. I go to Jazz Fest every year and had to ask directions to the kids tent. We found it in plenty of time to see my daughter perform. And since I feel like you're asking for it... okay! Here's a video of my daughter performing!!! She's the one jumping onto the stage at the beginning.

#marinfest highlight reel --

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My son watched her performance from the very back of the kid's tent where there was a canoe filled with sand. He poured that sand over his head like he was taking a very thorough bath in it.

Canoe Sandbox

But they had fun there. We used the seats in the back of the kid's tent for lunch tables. Did you know they sell grilled cheese and PB&J sandwiches at Jazz Fest? Yep. Kids area. Also the best deal at the fest in my opinion now is the huckabuck freeze cups for $1. A frozen, sugary drink that kept the kids cool for way cheaper than the snowballs.

Frozen Huckabucks

We explored the activities in the kids area with the world's nicest and most patient volunteers who all helped my children, because *I* didn't come to do those activities. If the kids want to do them...do them yourself. I'll stand right here. "I'm teaching them independence" I tell myself as I drink my beer from 10 feet away. :)  After a full round of activities in the kids area, we'd hoped to walk around a little and maybe see some of the smaller stages. Nope. The kids spent the next 2 hours in the "show and tell" activity tent. Once again, the people in the kids area are so nice and wonderful!

our kids taking over an activity

Ultimately the kids had a great day. My best friend and I found out there was wine on tap in the record store tent now which is just around the corner from the kid's area...so I guess there's a lot of strategic planning in that layout.

Kids area fun #Jazzfest #jazzfest50 #rose

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Old ladies found a disco ball. #jazzfest #kidsarea

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Happy Jazz Fest, parents. Good luck!