Kelly Clarkson Surpises Couple for First Dance at their Wedding (VIDEO)

August 22, 2018

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What the what???! Can you imagine? Your wedding day. First dance. You take the floor. Your band opens a curtain to play...but it's not your band. It's KELLY CLARKSON!!!! 

Kelly surprised a couple getting married by perfomring her new song "Piece by Peice." In the video, you can see her getting emotional as she sang the personal lyrics. "It's hard to sing at a wedding," she admitted, laughing as the audience cheered her on in support. The singer shared after the performance that the bride's sister set up the incredible surprise.

"They told me that you related to the song and I thought it might be a cool moment that you found somebody better than maybe what we were shown," Clarkson told the couple, greeting them on the dance floor with a hug. "I'm so happy for you. I hope that this didn't wreck your day. When they said it was a surprise, I freaked out!"

"Thank you so much, you made my day," the bride, Stacy, replied tearfully as Clarkson told her how beautiful she looked and offered her congratulations to the happy couple on top of another hug.

In case I needed any more reasons to love Kelly Clarkson! :)