Leah Chase's Famous Gumbo Z’Herbes Recipe

June 11, 2019

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If the loss of beloved New Orleans' icon and world-renowned chef Leah Chase is making you feel like it's a good time to get all in your feels over a pot of gumbo... then here ya go. The recipe for her famous gumbo z’herbes. No doubt this beautiful dish will live on at Dooky Chase as a Holy Thursday tradition, but here's the recipe in case you feel like you just can't wait.

  •     1 bunch mustard greens
  •     1 bunch collard greens
  •     1 bunch red Swiss chard
  •     1 bunch watercress
  •     1 bunch beet tops
  •     1 bunch carrot tops
  •     1 bunch kale
  •     1 bunch spinach
  •     1 head cabbage
  •     2 medium onions, chopped
  •     4 cloves garlic, chopped
  •     water, as needed
  •     1 pound smoked sausage
  •     1 pound smoked ham
  •     1 pound brisket stew meat
  •     1 pound boneless brisket
  •     1 pound hot chaurice sausage
  •     5 tablespoons flour
  •     1 teaspoon thyme leaves
  •     1 tablespoon salt
  •     1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  •     1 tablespoon filé powder

In a large pot, place all greens, onions, and garlic. Cover with water and boil for 30 minutes.

While the greens are boiling, cut all the meats and sausages into bite-sized pieces and set aside.

Strain the vegetables after boiling, reserving the liquid.

In a 12-quart stockpot place smoked sausage, ham, and brisket meats, adding 2 cups of the reserved liquid. Steam for 15 minutes.

While steaming the meats, place the chaurice sausage in a skillet and steam until the fat is rendered. Set the chaurice aside, reserving the grease.

Purée all vegetables in a food processor or blender.

Heat the skillet of chaurice grease; than add the flour, stirring constantly, for about 5 minutes, or until a light-colored roux is achieved. (The roux does not have to be brown.) Pour the roux over the steamed meats, stirring well. Add the vegetables and two quarts of the reserved liquid.

Simmer for about 20 minutes. Add the chaurice, thyme, salt, and cayenne pepper. Stir well.

Simmer for 40 minutes. Add filé powder, stir well, and remove from heat.

Serve over steamed rice and enjoy this taste of New Orleans.

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