Louisiana is 6th Best State for Pets in the Country

June 5, 2019

Okay, so for education and crime...we're never on the good side of the lists. But our pets can thank us for living here.

Louisiana is ranked #6 for the most pet-friendly states in the entire country!

Here's what they said about our ranking:
In Louisiana, the “hair of the dog” isn’t just a hangover cure. BringFido.com reported 700 pet-friendly restaurants across the state for you and your party animals to enjoy. Louisiana is a melting pot of culture, making it great for locals and newcomers alike. In addition, The Pelican State has 50 no-kill shelters and ranks higher than 43 states for anti-cruelty laws according to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

The top 10 states were
1. Oregon
2. Colorado
3. Maine
4. California
5. Washington
6. Louisiana
7. Virginia
8. Rhode Island
9. Texas
10. New Hampshire

The website safewise.com did the rankings based on number of anti-abuse laws, veterinarians, and no-kill shelters, pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, and activities. I mean... we do have entire parades dedicated to our pets so it kinda makes sense. :)