Mandy Moore on Her New Orleans Bachelorette Party

November 14, 2018


I've loved Mandy Moore since the song "Candy," but since "This is Us" made her a household name...I'm wondering how she came through New Orleans last month and I had no idea???

Mandy was on Ellen and of course they discussed Mandy spending time in our city for what turned out to be her bachelorette party, but doesn't sound like they chugged hand grenades till 4am. "We're pretty tame. I mean, you know New Orleans people go and get pretty rowdy, but I think we were in bed by like 10 o'clock every night. We had a glass of wine and we're like, 'We're good. We're good.'" OMG - wait til she has kids. 10pm will seem late. :)

Flip through her Instagram pics on this post to see some very New Orleans scenes. Come back soon, Mandy! I'm missing you like candy. ;)

Eternally grateful for the greatest girlfriends who are equal parts spontaneous and generous. They’re always game for an adventure and manage to prioritize our friendships in the face of the busy lives we all lead (like going on a trip in the middle of week cause why not??) Nola- thanks for hosting us. We came, we saw, we ate all the food. Can’t wait for more with these --s.

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