Ronda Rousey Hand Feeds Sharks on Shark Week (VIDEO)

July 26, 2018

Ronda Rousey is taking on the challenge of hand feeding a bull shark - something that nobody else with as little experience as her has done before!

I could not stop watching this. I love Shark Week, but I would NEVER do this. Just seeing it makes me think twice about my beach trips. LOL!

Opening someone's mind to a new world of possibilities is one of the best feelings ever. Tune into @discoverychannel tonight for the launch of Shark Weeks 30th anniversary and find out how @rondarousey became a powerful ally to shark conservation. -- by @ewillphoto @hecsaquatic @hecsstealthscreen @sharkweek #discoverygo #UNCAGED #newzealand #sharks #fiji @aquatrekbeqa #tairua #kuata #beqa @indigoindustries @apollomilitary @aqualungmilitary

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