State Fair Sells Ants on a Stick

August 30, 2018

Obviously the food in Louisiana is better than anywhere else, but the people in Wisconsin have clearly given up.

Food on a stick is big at state fairs across the country, but the Wisonsin State Fair has decided to add some yuck-factor if you ask me. Actual ants on a pretzel stick that's rolled in marshmello fluff. People are paying for this???

All Things Jerky serves ants on a stick at the Wisconsin State Fair. Would you try it? -- Footage courtesy of @crepesofwrath #travelinsider @alyweisman

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The Wisconsin State Fair is happening right now and it is all about the food!! And it's all on a stick- hot dog on a stick, fried olives on a stick, cheese on a stick, sangria on a stick, ants on a stick, scorpions on a stick.. nope, I am not making any of that up. I had ants for the first time! The Exotic Meats stand puts marshmallow fluff on a pretzel stick and then rolls it around in a bag of bugs of your choice. I only had the ants, but I heard the scorpion was pretty good too. My husband was also really into the Milk House stand that had 50 cent cups of flavored milk. We tried them all- my favorite was the strawberry and his was the salted caramel. Check it out before it shuts down on the 12th! #travel #statefair #wisconsin #wisconsinstatefair #usatravel #summerfun #exoticeats #antsonastick #deepfriedolives #everythingonastick

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Next time someone from the midwest gives me a weird look for boudin or crawfish...Imma show 'em this.