Target Offering Teacher Discounts on School Supplies and Clothes

July 2, 2019

Scott Olson / Getty Images

Another reason to love Target ... as if I needed one more. :)

Target Offering Teacher Discounts On School Supplies & Clothes

Target is bringing back its teacher discount! This is the 2nd year in a row that Target is offering a week-long 15% discount for teachers.

The savings start on Saturday, July 13th and run through July 20th. Teachers will be able to save on school supplies, wipes, tissues, hand sanitizers, clothes & shoes.

The promotion is for educators including K-12 teachers, any parents who home school their kids and daycare teachers

We wish teachers didn't have to spend any of their own money at all, but since they usually do - might as well get any discount possible!

If you are a teacher, this is how you can receive the 15% discount.

  • You have to register online first.
  • Target will take any document that has your name, or email address to an educational system for verification.
  • If you can't register online for some reason, the retail store will allow educators to participate in the promotion if they are able to provide an employee with identification at the store.

I know teachers are probably not ready to think about back-to-school yet...but it is coming so might as well save while you can. 

And, as always, we cannot thank our teachers enough for all that you do.