Warnings for Pet Owners in Record Heat from LA-SPCA

July 20, 2018

Important warning for pet owners as we are expecting record heats this weekend!

The US National Weather Service New Orleans Louisiana has issued a heat advisory for our area which means all pets, including outdoor cats, must be brought inside for the duration of the advisory! If you see a pet left outside in the extreme heat in Orleans Parish, immediately call our Humane Law & Rescue at 504.368.5191 ext. 100

Watch out for signs of heat exhaustion in your pets:
· Excessive panting
· Difficulty breathing
· Increased heart rate
· Drooling
· Weakness
· Seizures
· Bloody diarrhea
· Vomit
· Elevated body temperature

If your pet is suffering from any heat exhaustion symptoms, immediately bring them to an emergency veterinarian. Keep those cute Wet Noses comfy and healthy!