Wet Nose Pet: Buddha

July 17, 2019

Adoptable Buddha is basically "at one with the universe" he's so happy. On strolls through the neighborhood- he loves to make new friends, and always stops to smell the roses and crawfish tails.

He is happy-go-lucky, gets lots of attention, and will quickly become well-known in your neighborhood. Buddha bonds closely with his family, and usually listens, but he is a big boy and needs a confident owner who can give him direction and positive reinforcement. Buddha loves to travel by foot or car, and would be great for an active home that wants to bring him places.

He is very friendly with both people and dogs, but doesn't like sharing his food and toys at home, so a family with no other animals is best. Buddha is about 3-4 years old and healthy, happy, and ridiculous. Apply today at NewOrleansBulldogs.com/application.