Wet Nose Pet: Joker

March 20, 2019

This happy-go-lucky guy is sweet, playful, and a total goofball. Joker's real name should maybe be Prancer due to his fancy high stepping performances he happily does for free. Determined to make sure everyone sees just how much of a "Good Boy" he really is, he aims to be as much of a cuddler as he is a showman.

Joker came to us after possibly being hit by a car and appears to have suffered from some brain trauma that affects his motor skills but has immensely improved during his time here. He's just extra special now and loves to show everyone just how fabulous that really is. He loves strangers and even sits on command (it just takes him a little while), ever the entertainer. If you want to do life with an animal that will thrive on your patience and love in big, profound ways, he's the one. Meet him at the LA-SPCA.

Animal ID     40568206
Breed     Terrier/Mix
Age     1 year 2 months 1 day
Sex     Male
Intake Date     1/15/2019
Adoption Price     $90.00