Wet Nose Pet: Oscar

October 17, 2018

Photo by Suzanne C. Grim


Hi there, I'm Oscar! I was trapped as a young kitten with my feral momma and siblings almost two years ago. The good people at ARNO rescued us and we've been here ever since. Our momma was TNR and my brothers and I came to ARNO to be socialized. We LOVE people now. We were skittish at first, but absolutely love cuddly hands now. What I like most is food. Any kind of food, cat food, chips, peanuts, granola bars, you name is I'll beg for it. My people here dont give into it but I still try.

For more information email: [email protected] or come visit me any day from 2-6 at ARNO, 271 Plauche Street, Harahan, LA 70123. https://animalrescueneworleans.org