Wet Nose Pet: Shelby

September 12, 2018

Shelby is practically perfect in every way. She is crate trained and will hang out quietly in her crate overnight or if you need to run out for an errand. We have 4 parakeets in her house (aka living dog treats!) and she completely leaves them alone, even when they're making lots of noise. In fact, we've seen her sit under the coffee table to observe them! She loves all dogs and humans and displays no leash reactivity. She plays beautifully in the dog park with dogs of all shapes and sizes and is playful enough to romp around but gentle enough to play with young and old dogs. She walks nicely on a leash and enjoys long walks and dog park time, but is also perfectly happy to sit at your feet while you read or watch TV- she doesn't need a ton of activity to be well-behaved. Though definitely a puppy, she's quite "chill" for her age, and is happy to amuse herself and doesn't require attention 24/7. That said, she prefers to be in the same room with her humans and will follow you from room to room. She sits quietly while we eat at the table and doesn't beg for food. And she is so sweet and happy when greeting new people! She just loves them! She's smart and has picked up "sit" and "down" quickly and I think she's almost potty trained- we haven't had an accident in the house in two days. She's also not a destroyer and doesn't shred stuffed toys or chew on furniture, etc. She'll even leave our shoes alone when they are out on the floor! The one issue we've noticed is that she doesn't like having food taken from her or items (like toys or a stray sock) taken from her mouth. She growls and will snap. We're working on this, and she seems very responsive to training. In fact, this morning we were working on having her eat out of my hand and she started taking food pretty roughly but by the time we were toward the end of her breakfast, she was being very gentle and even licking my fingers. However, for that reason, I'd recommend that she doesn't go to a home with small children who might tug things from her mouth, at least until she's had some more training in this area. To meet her, please contact foster@la-spca.org.


Breed: Terrier/Hound
Age: 5 months
Adoption price: $80