Wet Nose Pet: Stax

July 3, 2019

This 5 y/o English Bulldog is a wild dude. He loves to roughhouse, and jumps, climbs, falls, and headbutts with great enthusiasm. Stax is always up for adventure, and loves to go new places and meet people. He has a true bully desire to be the center of attention, and never fails to entertain. His body is always wiggling, which sometimes leads to him jumping on people. Luckily he's small in stature (just 40lbs), but Stax can be a lot to handle and he needs a confident owner.

Ideal Home: His new family should be prepared for lots of fun and games (and indeed Stax needs lots of daily exercise), but also should be willing to learn positive reinforcement techniques to help Stax channel his energy and enthusiasm appropriately. He needs training, structure, and consistency, and a home with no children or other animals would be best. If you are up for this challenge, Stax will repay you with years of funloving excitement.

Characteristics: playful, active, loving, wild, energetic, fun, silly, adventurous, small
Prefers a home without: other dogs, cats, children.

Interested in meeting Stax? Contact https://www.neworleansbulldogs.com/