Wet Nose Wednesday Pet: Max

November 20, 2019

Max is a 4-year old pocket bully mix. You can’t tell from pictures but he is a little fella with a head so big it looks like he might topple over. He is a calm gentle soul, who gets along great with every person he’s met and friendly dogs too.

Max came to New Orleans Bulldog Rescue with a few health problems. He’s gotten so much better now and his quality of life has improved a lot since he’s been in foster care and changed up his diet- & he keeps getting better! However, he does require a little extra care and daily meds, and would do best with a family that can give him lots of attention. He would do great with other dogs and children or by himself.

He is very calm and likes to lay in the sun or sniff around for crumbs on the floor. 

Meet Max by contacting https://www.neworleansbulldogs.com/