April 5, 2016

Filé, a 5 year old English Bulldog from Baton Rouge, is doing GREAT! His personality has blossomed so much since he's been in foster care. His cold has cleared up,his eyes look clearer, and by his appetite increase, I can definitely tell he's feeling himself again! He his 100% house and kennel trained. He enjoys getting back and butt scratches from all the new people he has met, and his attitude towards other dogs has even improved. He doesn't mind other dogs as long as their not jumping on him or in his face. He loves going on walks and often grunts at the door when he's ready to go! He also has developed his voice lately and loves to growl and grunt while waiting for his food. All around he is an AMAZING dog with the best disposition, and whoever ends up with this handsome boy really hit the jackpot!