Hatchimal Apology Letter from Santa

November 28, 2016

When I was young, it was Cabbage Patch Kids. That was the hot Christmas item for at least one year. I remember seeing the news footage of mothers fighting mothers over a doll. I used to think how lucky my mom was that I never wanted one. It occurs to me now that I'm a parent she might have been strategically been telling me how unattractive those dolls were for a month after she saw those fights on TV too.

Anyway, this year it is the Hatchimal. How does it happen? Nobody seems to know, but somehow there's one "must-have" toy of the year and you are never gonna find it. Check out Amazon or Toys R Us...ha! Funny.

So if your child has managed to hear about this amazing fun toy (and by the way, it sounds like it isn't all that fun) and the same child is just SURE that Santa can make it happen even with the doubts you've planted...Santa can explain himself. The internet to the rescue. Santa's letter to your child about why they aren't getting a Hatchimal can be found below. Merry Christmas from us. :)

And before you say it, no, kids don't need to get everything on their list. Santa decides and of course no matter how good you've been it doesn't mean you get it all...but wouldn't a letter from Santa be a lot easier?  Or as one mom posted on Facebook, "Ask the Easter Bunny. He deals with eggs."

-Anet on the 'Net