Napercise Is The Workout That We've Been Dreaming About

By: Nicki G

May 8, 2017

Napping can be great. 

In fact, taking a 45-minute nap is way more appealing than sweating profusely at the gym for a workout. Right? 

So this new “workout” (by UK based fitness center, David Llyod Clubs) caught our attention. 

Dubbed “Nap-ercise,” you guessed it! It is an hour long class that is made up of 15 minutes of light stretching, followed by 45 minutes of intense napping. Yes, your napping experience includes the whole works. There's a bed, blankets, and even an eye mask. Plus, the room is set to an ideal temperature for getting those good Zzz's.

While you may think it's all crazy, there are actually studies that support this. Yes, research says there are major benefits to taking a solid midday nap. The benefits include less stress, better concentration, and being more rested.

Unfortunately, if you want to take this class, you’ll have to travel all the way to the UK. It is currently only being offered at one of David Lloyd’s gyms. Hopefully, the trend catches on and comes to the United States. 

Let’s make #napercising a thing!