Steve Suter "Michael Buble Knows How to Put on a SHOW!"

See some of the moments from his New Orleans concert

July 18, 2019

Andrew Chin / Stringer

After work weekday concerts can be tough.

But Michael Buble started right on time and around 8:15 p.m. and got the packed Smoothie King Center “Feeling Good” with his popular rendition of the standard, perfectly setting the mood for a night of fun entertainment.

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The old joke with touring artists is they really never know what city they’re in. Or, you’ll get the generic, “How you doing (insert city here)!?!”

But Buble knew exactly what city he was in and spent a lot of time between songs talking about how special it is to him.

He told the crowd about his grandfather playing those great New Orleans artists’ records for him when he was young, and his first promoter, a New Orleans native, telling him “I got a plan for you kid.” He even made a point to spotlight him standing next to the stage.

He told the crowd how humbled he was to be in a city that has been through so much and praised our resilience to overcome things, move on and even more impressively... get better. Then he clarified: “Now, I’m not talking about the storms, but the damn ‘No Call.’ I’m still waiting for the ref to throw the flag.”

That got the loudest roar of the night.  

He mentioned it was Harry Connick Jr., another New Orleans native, who inspired him to believe he could still be cool and keep those old American classics alive. And Buble puts a new spin on all of them as well as doing his hits, “Home,” “I Haven’t Met You Yet” and “Everything” plus the pounding “Cry me A River” which is my personal favorite. Everybody sang along to “Just A Gigolo,” one he said was for the guys.

He took a more serious tone, later in the show, when he talked about the challenges he went through in 2016. Buble’s 3-year-old son Noah was diagnosed with cancer that year and he immediately cancelled his 2017 tour and all appearances.

Now that Noah is doing better, and the prognosis is very good, his father felt ready to head back out and entertain his fans. Although last night, he said “you are not fans because you are not fanatical.” Instead, he likes to call them his family.

Geeez! Can we love this guy any more?

Besides all the funny conversation, he smoothly sang those great songs as I daydreamed that instead of in the arena, I was listening to him at a dark, smokey French quarter bar getting drinks from cocktail waitresses (and not having to pay $13 for a Daiquiri).

He made the night fun, not just for the crowd, but the band as well. When not playing their instruments, they were up dancing to his songs. One even came up to do a fantastic song of his own.

Buble said: “I know life is hard. So I’m here to entertain you and give you some relief.”

And boy did he.  

It’s great to have someone’s songs remind you of how much you love someone and with his song “Forever Now” (about his kids), he reminded us of the special bond we have with our kids as I held my daughter’s hand sitting next to me trying not to tear up.

Buble put on a show that resonated with almost everyone in the crowd in one way or another. And one that felt like it belonged in New Orleans.

Just don’t wait 7 years to come back, your family misses you already.