Earth Day: 1 Day, 1 Thing... like my table

April 22, 2020
environmentally friendly patio table

We believe in enjoying the finer things in life: family, friends, food, comfort and whatever else you can think of , we love the outdoors and do our best every day to protect our environment. When we were looking for outdoor furniture for our patio and we’ve tried all the material before that didn’t last or rusted. But after researching some different options we found this company Lifestyle Garden that creates beautiful pieces of furniture and produced with ethically sourced materials.

Our outdoor dining table is made of eucalyptus wood. All of the wood is exclusively grown on certified regenerated plantations. This means you can trace the furniture all the way to the place where the tree once grew, and know it came from a responsibly managed forest. It comes in beautiful colors and styles and is perfect choice for out outdoor space - ensuring sustainable outdoor living is possible with taste and style.. Because without the earth there would be nowhere for us to enjoy all the fine things.

Happy Earth Day!