How to build a house after you fire the contractor

July 30, 2018

Going on month 18 for the house build. After we fired the contractor for working too slow and missing several deadlines we took over and are finishing the house since it's 85% done.  After hearing what happened to us contractors from the area contacted us to drop everything and help us get the last few things done before the bank deadline in 60 days. So we've got plumbers, electricians and painters all working for us now. Our neighbors on Peninsula Drive have come down and helped clean up the site and move building materials and offered their services anytime, what a great neighborhood. And every second I have I'm at the house doing what I can, doing brick work on the fireplace. After a few hours working in no AC I don't look too good but got the job done. Hope to have AC in another week or so when the electrician does his final work.






Stairs were tough because of the special gooseneck I needed to order for the top and bottom to make the rails straight. So I put it all together then took off the balusters to paint, cause it's easier that way. But I like the way it's all coming together with the Shiplap. Now below I started to stain the handrails ( a couple times to get the darker color) then apply the clear coat. The basic rule for any wood stain is to apply a wet coat and wipe off the excess before it dries. You just need to be careful and go light first cause you can always go darker, like I did. I'm putting that same stain on the beam in the Kitchen and front French doors but it started raining so i didn't get to finish the doors and they need sanding anyway that's a much bigger job. Will finish staining the stairs boards then put back the painted Balusters (white) to finish the project and move on to the next one. Thanks for all your input...and prayers.