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GOT's Sophie Turner Chugged Wine on the Jumbotron and I'm Obsessed

Sophie Turner (a.k.a. Sansa Stark from "Game of Thrones" and Joe Jonas' future wife) went to a Rangers game last night and this entire moment when she gets caught on the jumbotron and then chugs her glass of wine has made her my new hero. Watch and learn...all of us. Send it for the starks -- @... Read More

Wet Nose Pet: Joker

This happy-go-lucky guy is sweet, playful, and a total goofball. Joker's real name should maybe be Prancer due to his fancy high stepping performances he happily does for free. Determined to make sure everyone sees just how much of a "Good Boy" he really is, he aims to be as much of a cuddler as he... Read More
Bird Box Sequel

Is a 'Bird Box' Sequel Coming Soon?

Is there more to see from the world of Bird Box ? The Netflix film which became a phenomenon earlier this year, broke streaming records for the service, launched a thousand memes , and created a dangerously ridiculous challenge . With over 45 million accounts watching the film in the first seven... Read More