Metairie House Christmas Lights

Check Out the Light Show on My Neighbor's House in Metairie

I love that I get to see this display every year! Check out this light show on a house in my neighborhood. He synchronizes it to the music he plays over the speakers. In this clip below he's playing a Trans-Siberian Orchestra song so I like it even more. My kids ask me to let them dance on the...
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Christmas stocking

Refillable Christmas Stocking Holds 3 Bottles of Wine

Merry Christmas and a Happy Hangover! Those words are written right on the stocking "flask" that will bring lots of holiday joy to some this year. You can fill this plastic Christmas stocking with almost 3 bottles of wine and has a tap right on the toe ... (excuse me while I start my Dear, Santa...
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How to build a house after you fire the contractor

Going on month 18 for the house build. After we fired the contractor for working too slow and missing several deadlines we took over and are finishing the house since it's 85% done. After hearing what happened to us contractors from the area contacted us to drop everything and help us get the last...
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Sneak peak at the madness

So short story...16 months into the build things were not going right with the builder/contactor so we fired him and was left with a house to build before the bank loan deadline looms. Difficult finding good plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters that are available to work immediately and to...
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