Linda Cassidy

Monday-Friday 6am-10am

First Concert: My very first concert? Don Ho. I was nearly 5 years old. Guess the folks couldn’t find a babysitter : )

Favorite food: Mom’s Hawaiian food Last book read: “Under A Hoodoo Moon – The Life of the Night Tripper ” – Dr. John w/ Jack Rummel Current hobby: I like a nice, long walk outdoors when I can get one.

Favorite childhood memory about your mother or father: I have several but one that stands out was watching them slow-dance at my sister’s wedding. My parents, by the way, have been married over 50 years. They are my favorite love story.

What makes you laugh? My clumsiness!

Cats or dogs? I’m a dog lover, through and through.

What celebrity crushes did you have as a teenager? Shaun Cassidy (sigh) at least we had the same last name.

Latest accomplishment: Not getting distracted by delicious goodies in the break room. Doh! Nevermind.

Why I do what I do: Just like my co-workers, it’s a passion. We’ve all enjoyed being on the air for years and take great satisfaction in keeping our listeners company throughout the day. If you, the listener, are happy, we are on cloud nine.