Bad Moms 4: Halloween Costumes

Friday, October 20th

Tpot and Annette on the Net return to talk about the misery that is Halloween costumes for your child.

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Why don't always feel awkward trying to get into that. Hi I'm Amanda and I looked at. The bad luck. Highlight a few weeks and can. Bottom. Where my day. And have some some good McMillan better than that. Better than an island at they had the ball regulators such nonsense you know. They have full week off and it's like oh what do you not get to know we can meet up at Thanksgiving until we get two weeks or whatever it is Christmas doesn't get involved break while. Out of school so much like they just got back from summer. And seeing so I tickle we got the work which is like who doesn't want a week off work well I don't. I don't want one about to be my kids I don't work at a podium my kids the whole week and I don't want to take tablets from what I could be home run Christmas. But they're judicial faces meaning not gonna happen crap you know it is an additional six to host a week off. And this much money as I spent on their breach of like loading a news and think just to keep them from by dragging me saying he could have gone to an all inclusive resorts. In some banks tropical and at least save money what about because she let your kids do too much like you're all like oh let's fight yeah. They have this sort of adventure everyday OK actually this is so true I have a whole theory on this that about how we make them keep their lives to magical gaffe. Because every and they seasoning that's super glumly at their new kid. We can do that and racetracks or fairgrounds for when they did exotic Gracie never camels and camel's really in front in front of them and they weren't even looking up I'm like why is yet. Is Kamel and chillier at the last week during their like off time one of the many many audience we had yet. And it was like giant birds or whatever and then the cons and stuff. And I like the home blanket and look over. You know would really sucks about that is that you try and do things that are super interesting in their life what ever early the other morning and drive and that it is cool of them got on Leno Delray. And I'm like why isn't she likes sell out maids and nannies like I don't let that. Us Ted and you feel like does the same thing that I can't. And they are on who cares about landed already and. Mean and and that might try to make her love my music and Sheila Simon and that. What ever been so. How is coming up yoga has come very soon and I hate following OK okay. I don't mean to jump off I can't go in Canada and I didn't immediately starts at. Wendy let them tell you what they're gonna be and when do you believe that they're actually telling you district. They're never telling the truth nook is one change at all the I want a change at all we picked my son is a. A hefty five year old right so we have to buy very specific costumes that look I jumped so kind as knuckle work. On him it's going to be two. So I'm going with them out like well like forever ago and we found the speed of us human like what about the skeeter and companies like gas and the my daughter gets on board with the Eckstein to. And so like a month does finally be Sherry in any Oscars a stop needing any money is no peeping into gripped it a go by the Casillas I spent a lot of money trying to find the right size cost him because I waited a little too low yes they couldn't I get it off finally scared away unknown now. My daughter is now als. Tonight Bob called it also crap enemy or return the others afraid yes OK it was like shooting keep the other staff and my son tells me last night because he had stuck with Peter Pan by himself. I we have the worst cost him in the world for him and he helped put up cliche because it looks like an odd cheap little woodland away. Is crazy case and it actually think is this the year Robin Hood pass him but when it. Either Portland wouldn't know woodland oak woodlands of depicting anatomy. Of does he ever ever boy soon know should have a kind of Peter Manning yeah. IG deal that I feel like all the other moms for sure gonna judge I'm a little worried that the kids who like seven any that we hang out they're gonna do it. It up what it looks like tinker bells for a no way and he and his belly kind of shows a little bit and it does so. Critics much more than the other option that says it dried out a veteran. No down. No it's. Oh wait this is belly poke out from a little bit belly coax out front and it. We've definitely got to add to that make him where it says Daly can hang out while eastern retreating. I. Certainly do so well got to I mean it was licences and gets old this'll be downright. He. Really really really do well look if you dressed up as Captain Underpants. But he can't eulogy that I shouldn't make to me that. Threat he he really did it. It's just frustrating because remember when they were really little and he kind of just bought a Halloween costume and that's what they weren't like that his first asked him she was a cat. Yeah apparently no love in giant I don't remember what Chloe what she's probably not anything can you know second isn't. He and or she might have that hand me down catch up yeah seeing what an emergency I don't know she was a flower I remember. Because we have pictures of her leg with a big flat where they usually is it'll they need to read the heck can't. I think it I think Stevie ticket and yeah did not me that I. Great because you know didn't tell you arena she's complaining is there's no pictures of her in the house yeah second kid trying to touch I'm like okay. Yeah wanna turn your food on the floor do you Simi arguing right. You. 00. You wanna go on trash everything you wanna go throw some water pork you wanna walk around there and have no. Like there's now to have to dig back yeah but now you wanna complain because there's no pictures that you. By the hat in the house. Okay about it and a son told me LSU wants to be vulture on this ultra come to. I think there's so much we'll try and stuff for and it felt good Cincinnati and I have Wright added to my birthday party over the weekend and Mike. So I asked them I'm like what is your daughter might get the ship like boat you know and I am able tribal thing and I'm like hold try and at this mulch and and I get to target. I don't like. It's not okay Lama to look for it to peace at each child Huskies science posts trying casting. So I asked cloudy which she wanted to be. And this is for ever ago like at the beginning of the month or month in September Astros like we wanna be for Halloween. She's like Masha have you ever seen that could have gotten there yet. I was I didn't Khloe and great plays and loves it the first time I thought I would like their lips don't even moved to what they're saying and so babies Mamas like because it's their Russian it's it's a foreign. Kardashian yeah yeah it's so weird. Anyway and so the Masha cussing me just put of the bush Garrett sound yeah. I didn't get to click for my got to find a mosh a casting OK so when he anything past. I now so then. Clay. Did you my day you know they like me and that's why I was like you know no. I'm not gonna get yet because she's not gonna wanna optionally to she's gonna wanna be some sort of set so she comes up later unlike. Last week and she says she wants to be a princess and might which Princess Diana princess that you want. To pray got. I have every single protesters you know that you get into. So might well and really expensive princess okay because my mom. First kid with you know mama and yeah all the princess counter like super expensive Cinderella in leopard print you re exactly that's what she could be who clearly doesn't like leopard print. What are your mother saying she doesn't know yet I haven't had a hard to break into our little get a people be able that's out of that is a bigger conversation. Yeah that is Chloe coming out to your mother. Not leopard print Shiloh I know yes the other day I was like it's kind of cool outside and we can find her denim jacket and so. And not a click here put on his leopard print and she literally threw herself on the soap and goes. Wouldn't you do not selecting Graham I hear that kind of nonsense I said that I was like. Add to seeing easy miss that anti pot mom is being done. Hi he electric Kennelly DBS everywhere leopard print everywhere all the time leopard print bathing suit leopard print for him. Precision cut that was someone like a total random off different stranger person a ACC and you know why she was that fear but she. Maybe she lived out their wake smooth talking about how your family at saint we'd is Obama going to say the only black family maybe eight feet at cinemas are. Okay check. You're really six because all the mending your family or giant like muscle are like yeah guys are Brothers attacked and likely is that data role in like a straight up tank top like Peter style like and would just the biggest muscles Bentley being from apple that Alex green a gimmick and it's incredible. And your mom instant leno's and tight leopard. Let your family at a school there I'm like that's MI. My momma cow. In light tight pants. I I wish I didn't say I'd hear what she calls are tight pants because she actually has a name for the cash she calls from her post he can't. I'm not giving like all the time so it's like hey mom woody wagon and it like. I put the candy can she shelling all sums suffer additional tabs yeah I can't think. Well I'm sure Blake rarely get a little top in my capacity pants. Octane got it keeps trying it and put them like her leg and you know he'll lycra leopard print heels or whatever. And usually she's got her toenails painted like Leppard prank she's got her and her girl who doesn't nailed Connelly whose wedding she went to because my mom makes friends with everyone. And that she does like her nails him like leopard print with duels and stuff yeah. Yes that doesn't surprise me in the Sino. It's ridiculous and so I am yes so now I don't know how to Tom I'm I'm like hey clearly doesn't hate that color doesn't like leopard print. Also likes to be a Russian school child definitely. What do you do about that motion custom well she does a lot of passionate about how she. Was like that would be a princess and I'm like which princess so. First it was jasmine and I am like easy I don't have a jazz went past and I got to look at a replica size six million and then it she wanted me. Battle. Like okay you're belt last year this week c.'s she instills reason that out yet she can't I'm big sponsors you can Wear my all the time. And you know I'm like would just make her like a princess and one of the old flower girl dresses like Mattie was a flower girl and a bunch of weddings and like I have Bruce. I think I might just put a wedding dress yeah. I mean she's child crank out. Yes it is my daughter she's a child bride she speaks Russian wished we got a good enough for her yeah. So and then that other. And I'm like what are you wanna be in just the entire time I'm now I don't now so. Last year she wanted to be like some sort of which. But she does that helix to plan everything yen and she can't just BE. Anything she's got to be something and it's got to be very specific unless parents let it. The one year she wanted to be a peacock but it had to be deployed peacock because those are all one. Which wouldn't even now I'd be like the teacup I was like how the other you know that and then I looked it up and it's true. Like she started what she know totally totally. And so I am last year she was like I wanna be a witch and I'm like OK I can buy which cast and she's like now I want and a long black dress that goes to the floor. Like actually describe it from me and I had to find a long black dress with like the really long sleeve Elvira yes and yet exactly at. I was totally jealous of distress to those kind of like fitted up to tie and then they kind of just like went out you know and it was really gorgeous. Sunlight well now anyone that you beat something else this year and you go way addressed in. And keep it it. Really hot dress she's a personal hot. And the got you can Wear it. And let edit she can't CBC and she can she be seen friends I now it seems it's easy on you are really that I know so her one friend said that they could be like a cat or something like that and they were gonna do that together so now I'm trying to figure out what her friends are going to be. So that I can figure out. Like how we gotta coordinate them. Did you just. Tomorrow because tomorrow the school's track retreat so I was like or come up on Halloween events or so from my kids don't think any of their Halloween events a crier cost him some likes Corzine is. Because we don't have a custom in place for anyone because the us customer just spot is too long and itchy and I'd accessories for five different cost you know myself. A pass until last night and my ladies are Hillary meaning half and really these artillery is the what is the group that puts on the turn retreat and that he school containing bottles of wine did you going. I didn't bring any I was late. An arranged at all. So yes. So. I it's so they're like OK ladies since we're putting aside and were like the hostesses. And we've got to address that. And I might. Not just on the head man and a festive sure you'd be fine. IQ of catty ears yeah I have to double line you know and B yeah I cat ears I have to set the cat ears actually. Which pulled out a bank. And so they'll like you know just dress up and I am in my rock crap to get myself one and I have to make sure it's not flighty. Because after Rivera the bloody went for a yeah. Lot. Lot you need is bloody when he or work. Why I was jogging wary about almost like why are you in today. And maybe you know why are you drinking water. In Baghdad OK okay you have to. He didn't think all the time like I wanted to just efforts I don't go for sexy costumes are not built for a sexy cast and haven't been dozens knowledge but like I do wanna be ridiculous and be like I'm sexy catch up when. Where like you can't add just the big giant catch up cost and a look like seals and a lot of make up and the like. Obviously and so can you can't let guys look like a hole in the in that suit cut they can't wait days to catch I just cut out like Greta but my boobs. Yes let's check. Something says if intellect that. That would be great idea OK so here's what I am going to be because I know what I'm gonna be all I haven't pieced it together yet yeah so because we at one point had the whole PP and theme is keeping an anti rebel and that's a falling apart. But I've still plan my cost him so now I'm going to beat drink or Al. It did pixie Jesse got then. Well I'm not it don't lose that's ridiculous that's like she broke pixie dust I think she does but I'm going to go put it on yourself that's how they file I was gonna don't Marguerite assault. Because it's easy Israel by. I guess they knew in my area south I have played in my results spam that's OK and the blues now now now. And I am I was like on getting any a lot of wine corks for it to applied at things yes hand. In one I hate was my friend Wendy we have eleven and C yeah I'm so proud to. Arts you know Kanye yeah. You didn't he OK so if you have margaritas. Then that your way of flying would be to insult your Margarita than that you don't have to throw the front. Compliant let me dress and black when I explained and as an agent about the kids they were like. Terms so why and I said well it's like tinker Bell's mom ray and then our gas and I was like you know moms like to drink connect. They play so damaging to bell I don't care what they are a little thing that's good mine now I wish I would have our husbands and why I'm where is he won't ever dress up but he promised last year and Agassi things offered but now because only the digital member Julia doesn't just give fun and not get on board. As a ridiculous sat so he's gonna just happened when he was. Whatever you guys want we compete. Like so downtrodden about it because like OK the cook amenity. And so we can send love and it they thought it was funny so I didn't learn a sense of her and some get again and Eric had been hacked. Saying that goes on to be added to any easy constant disease doesn't have to reject kind of golf clock when that might you know have that attached to the cast and you. Did he really thought if you raise them like pat I've yeah totally just castrated and with that cost. I kids how and everybody you know it's because he's in blank head yeah it anyway. Is desperate to get yes. Yeah that's awesome and now that you want we offered him he'll be captain luck gonna be another high risk that the and that's putting whatever you want. That emerging that is what you get Mike. And my kids are speaking as a trash can aboard twin and we're going to wait a look like they're real and exit them. Yet guys we're just lucky to get a minute brown shirt that's gonna grouping OK you know Riley may see me dressed up like here and that was because we were not on Halloween party. And I was a deviant housewife and he was the mailman. And it was like. It was like little. It all day. And so when he I think he had to go to a Halloween party solo. And he wore the mailman cost him minds off I was liking it isn't making the mailman buyers now he's just mail me it's not that funny it's just like but I always. But you know what happened because I'm such a pack rat and don't ever take anything out in my car after that Halloween party because my customers like a black dress with a deeper and and it had a I cake icing specialists saying. But it said. My husband is out of town that was like crap right so potent when he heard. It was just like in the back of my car and that they started playing with it. And she couldn't green yet or whatever and so my grandmother a lot. Seem his mom was strapping her and her car seat one year and so she sees it. And she was like I have been got to tell you. Steve than ever that bad just nothing. He it's okay is senior about it yeah I don't hang it on your doorstep in Delray he's actually in yeah well nice canyon and now I can't Alec and that. I'd be I. Think you can. This that we got to go do some workers that says a lot I had to go find another customs and woodland boy is not gonna cut it yes. Did little and really sick time and that repeating gossip I found though that was like the good quality line and whenever that's allegedly in his eyes and do you get Gillian now he's he's five dollars. Ailment has been dizzy Stewart out of his size sun bonnet suddenly disease or Amazon it's literally sitting on in my desk an antenna dissent that. It's not god I'll mother not specific dot click on I am now. He doubts about last year robots have fun yet so hopefully my kids haven't passed him bank extending your podcast. Hey that's not being you know fingers. Xenia on the right next. He's much better at it. Yeah. In Iran me please say don't think about like if you think we're we're not good parents or something. Now makes sense snow way though is can this guy. I love and everything it whenever I think we're ahead. We're not going to ground you lack.