Bad Moms 5: After Halloween + Peppa Pig

Tuesday, November 7th

How to drink your way through Halloween like any good parent and the Peppa effect.

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Without telling CNN the in my. And I minute you think that's why I'm not the kind of know until I guess. And some cinnamon come on occasionally yeah. The Kagan. Am there yeah it's the mom's not cast their guardian I'm sure I'll try again round. We always started out really great. So smooth and probably secretary drinking is why did you know I wish that I keep thinking about because I'm going out tonight no kids why do you do now. Yeah like a dream that my kids show up oh that's driven okay. The bar no I don't think into the bar obviously though you totally not allowed people like a good thing in trouble relieving him of the car and I just sit on the other moms touches like a good mother. Exactly that's what I do when I go to your path. Because all week we should talk about that the time I went to your house okay dear members and I dragon entire bottle of wine bottles he keeps saying I'm Molly was two bottles to as low. And and all of our kids with their race and your friend Jessica was there with her son and so my nine year old. Mehdi we were like nanny did it ever what do you think kids should. And like three to five yeah and that is like I was so tired of watching them like get. She's good she's responsible she handle it also responsible. It was great that's why eleven daddies over a woman does any older kid is accurate charge deal done yet and son that he has this very and if anybody thinks that I'm forcing her to do that Ayman kind of only a little bit. I don't want to get an act. But yeah. Just a little but many of them marry it like dominating personality. And so there is a part of earth that loves telling people what to do. Can she doesn't to me all the time yes so like watching little kids is her favorite because she'll be like that we're not doing back to. Let you shouldn't do that that's not how you play with back to white. My kids do that to each other and Anna's remains. How original the Dark Knight could be stopped doing that you do it or not we're not doing that or plane snap. So oh yes she's awful with Chloe it's hilarious like she'll be like close you'll sit there with her imagination in daylight. This isn't needed another improbable that he be like yeah. This is a little and you re did you. Like I've got so I got a kitty. I Condo from my cats right of course of course. And so won't the cats wouldn't play on because they were totally scared of it at first has its big giant it out. And so. And so clone was playing on its on like wolf and at least somebody's getting some use out of it so she's got our barbies and she's put them on the different cut holes wired I know ray and so event like Mattie sitting on the sofa and then that lake is to senate leader here Chloe crank it up like what's wrong and she did and not mind. And without any shame that it does it clean house for your barbies it's more that cats. Don't like. All of the hip alert. I didn't think he. That's let me she's bright not hard to be like book. They had to act. But hey didn't you get all of the parties I felt so I constantly have to tell her hey did mommy and daddy stifle your imagination. And she's like no we're like OK then don't do that to your sister and she goes on guard. Like she's really getting you think maybe he's not had to work. No matter did get a little bit locker all right Lola she's an adult kid like I did she do that sheets got started okay should get out. Let's start asking us like for money like I'm gonna need two dollars a come and watch those kids are lightly drink well now one Elin not money it's it's rubble roadblocks or whatever those are for that stupid game Blake robot clip I don't know anything about any of that stuff here's what I do now Blake. We are talking about sky islanders with some moms you know I. This guy leaders. Yet except. For awhile but here's the thing I. Thought they were just action figures and a cartoonish at talking of the game as of these again just like what do you think those little figures do you gotten in the top of the portal on the game and I'm like. When I think that's neo cons when I was little sky alien there was I think when she was in preschool. RL Barack twins age mom she'd skyline it was a thing it with all the kids in her class and she was never really into that much but all the kids work. And I think it was just action figures I think that they OK so I'm not stick money impala so stupid you know why I came up Toys 'R' Us in Metairie had the Australia about when you get for free real and I should have the old ones nobody who plays the game wanting mar Mike yeah now. And so much sums trying to decide what to what he wanted anyone to do two things that no one no one no one Nationalists and and trying to get there yet you know because to address eventually just I'll pay anything let's just got kind of bring kids there smoke but never really hasn't close not ever we drive that like every. And I would be like a guy there. Rate that's initiative dubbed from the a sell out but I told a message listen. I know it will wage if you get that I'll let you get five of them and he was like war Dutton sold as a less than ten bucks for Joyce and I think. I guess that cost cutting desert track but it. If you didn't sit there and give your twins everything and I what do you my mother and my. Yeah SE that's your own damn fault itself so well we just passed and we have fun. I we went to my friends at Kim's house well. I know hold. The whole day was kind of interesting. Because you know Stevie and I don't get off work till our own bigotry and yet we don't get over to six now so usually look my kids have to wait on us now. By our house there only like a few houses and that's fine gives Erik there's they stay late and so the kids from like he random apartments like a little further away. Usually come later to think I guess go to different places and then they hit up our street last week. Treating easily and it's fine. But I'm now that you know and that is like. Popularity has a lot of friends and they all day at school and a fancy kids' school they Ollie go to each other's house is we have like block party gets so different him living that fantastic world of magic that your country and yes. Yeah yeah I saw ice not you know obviously and another friend who lives everyday to. And she's not out yours lives then imperial it's another and a mine lives and now she from my mother in law and so they have their man Brenner fantastical land of magical trick or treat yes because OK so there in river ridge yeah so it's not like hair hand wearing hair hand everybody's like we've got all of this. We've got to you know that is that's amazing today but at river ridge just like. We've got a lot to we're not going to broadcast that's okay so like some of the house is are kind of an assuming some of the houses are ridiculous what it's all really quiet. And you know gearing it triggered chi town there's one street. A lone blue. One street not lake is is imperial like the entire thing none are men you never went to the party. Now his three kids I just want to go get drunk tennis yeah like a lot of work with kids and then now with kids on my bus sounds like a lot of hassle but. No it's not I'm telling you don't even have to watch and if yes. I not video out of imperial it misses so my friend lives Aron left says she's a candidate house street yes Sheila and she has a very big house so she didn't get it. Sell and she's always had is a big deal but this year another friend who of course doesn't live their ship the kids over district retreat I'd now like everyone else does yet. She put a video up and it looked like Marty got that's how she described it seems like it was a chaotic Mardi Gras scene of the craziness yes scene that was a little bit. Bigger than the one where we went fine how Walter wrote is a lake in river ridge is is. Big but it's not that big so there's a hate rioted and well people everywhere and everybody has golf carts. The of course OK so. You know my friend Kim has a golf cart and till we get there because we were so late my kids went trick or treating with Gigi is neighbor. And his nannies really great friends with her daughter. And so I had to find them. To find my kids. And then but I was sitting at Campillo got out of can't. One of this kid had pulled up the golf cart yet does that toll for trick or treating you know so basically I don't airports during a fire off shots. I mean until it gets close I'm not to break. Yeah I got him was drinker bell and on the tank and I you know I brought I had a cup that made sense that the cost him just. But no I was nabbed his the people I was at the have a golf cart you know he has why hang out with the core friends like us an irate Halloween thing whether it's good Larry yeah. South end and my kids were also like why are we using the golf cart and much. I mean. Just block governor now does exhausting I know yes he got to come of that to the media aren't good imperial and then you can get a golf cart try to friend with a golf cart they all have them. In this way dirty neighborhoods so Kim's got his golf cart and as a first played you know sexing my friend Cole duties neighbor and I came where you guys a nanny and glowing in his right lower on the streets I'm like great. More fireball please let you know they're back very Alan you would you close to this street. So finally they got close and I walked like half a black and I want to go get him and I got slowed hills. Yeah because then that he was like I guess stay with Leno with and then go on all of us select OK and so I go back with Khloe and so but the deal is at Kim's house. There's two when he won an overture retrieving when there's there's the regular trick or treating I thought you are getting now become duke has moms too drunk to watch colony c'mon honey. There's bad note Kim's got older kids supposed to she has like this sixteen year old son named Gabe phenomenal with kids. So then how we yeah we so what's over trying to interview treating. That's a fireball shots she's got no Kim has she was running here with me one day she's got a fabulous no adolescents your radio show that's just called up on capitol that your. She's got a fabulous set up. Like I've never seen somebody have their own like little throwaway shot cups. Blake it's great yeah not even give them party city I know but I've never known anybody who I have them right now because my kids let them read it another. Shot a little shocked haptic. I'm husband works you know in the beer industries continental stacked up like beer logo cup so yeah those only to find find a so she's got like all these I shot cups like in her in a plastic thing and she's like toy. She's got a kind of like a circular driveway so this country retreat inning get a shot from her other kids candy yeah. So old Blake to believe you know she's at one end of the like little U shaped driveway and that's 21 and over and then the kids go to hurt. The other side and then that's where they get their candy he's Carty. Cut and there were some food and didn't look the part and she didn't. Yeah give them and put it speaker if you're. Not looking out the kid tip I ever won yet she would like I did that sure about you you look kind of Youngstown now carry a candy that also had to bust yet ray. Exactly so that was fine so we had all of fireball and then his son and I know and then that by the time her daughter I'm wanted to trick or treat that's only is she pulled out the golf cart and then we got on a golf cart. And so Stevie had gotten there and so he had Khloe and he was though clearly from house to house to house and at that time I was like times they're drinking water. But about a dozen sitting in the golf cart with Kim and Steve he's like happen off the bat with Chloe and I got this company and he in a man's just sipping out of it every now and I'm like man I look like it true that this is actually put her. He can tell you look like the mother whose Jack's first dad's got the kit I'm good. Maybe and I was super the sea. Water. They're yelling like oh my gosh everybody in the squad has probably judging because unlike here in my accountant and unload well everyone on that plot was wasted. Oh yes or 50 yeah out of trailed they never like we have misty got there see you can expect. Yes sure those guys could I not knack and the bad moms night out you know so yeah good to see the movie. Did you. Kind of like yeah not that. Oh yes because yet against. It I'm going with my group of bad moms like core bad mom so yeah with Jessica Sarah stat. So then went to Nicholson moms loves mom Hadley is mom Evans mom and Benjamin's mom. Our own MIT's mom's coming in from Baton Rouge she's pregnant so Barroso she can't drinking at like you know not a lot. I figured kid do you get a double break at any Leggett Lisa Blake to be here making it. Don't like it like it's a big deal like maybe even Texan at four months right that. No way. Don't go up is not you kind of likes me at the no on likes at all. Your visit other irons I don't think so badly it's such a big deal the last night the text included what are you wearing to be bottom like. Only gosh I can and cannot casino my instinct is sweatpants great effect. You don't sweat bands so that's out now. Actually you're daresay the Eagan probably leg go get them any neat and I and garrido cannot place we can't go looking guns let kids that can Al IOC I don't go to canal place because they walk around in front of your viewing it. Area and this is their view boos but that's a take is they're gonna give me booze so. You know I would Lucy no there and like I got so frustrated because you like looking and you like all look at all of these different things going into the art and then my kids just bobbing back. We did lose their important mission why you so mean. As time Harry but I didn't have anything to drink at the time I don't know why Lou I took place in an eerie because of Simi narrow pour. Billy we just wanted to go for the experience and so we didn't have enough to wake you get all the stuff I want you can't place let me guess he wanted to go and see movie there and there are a dollar data sold Shana summer bridge is. Yeah. Actually that does not believe it feels like they close the Leon Steve Simon it was. Right because it all the time as a kid out of there you know guys was a ballot and it was great well now it sent twenty alligator and restaurant and Libya. Oh yeah. Say yes. I don't. I can do about that with kids right and so he by the DB then you've got like a big bucket dvds do that everywhere race it's in giving George the play rumor whatever. Yeah you like downloaded on iTunes are you by and on Amazon or whatever so we had on Amazon. And so we just log him there Amazon prime and there's the movie guess my concern would that is. When I am when I rent them because a fight ranked Captain Underpants then suddenly they wanna watch it every day Ab I'm alana and they never wanna watch he has a scary. Well. I it's scary I offer that Blake dead man I don't think it's you have to put this crazy because that's also up. Mean I thought it was so I can tell like movies in general position much of a plot line. Let Eli Lilly Disney would like so that's what I thought was kind of normal but like all my other. Mom friends but Dick kids love movies now Eddie loves movies and hello we likes that just videos just short to the point and then. -- much it's like they're YouTube is yet and then they like you know a regular the pop patrol or something with no real she does plays like a troll we were watching pop patrol last night and I did not know that she liked pop patrol until last night because I know that my nephew you know poppy. He loves you he loves popular girl. And so. And over Bobby Joseph now you get the idea the kind of thing but I would like never really into it rain ends alas I publish rolls on after pet pig is Sheila as ever paid me. Sure and and I can't bring you don't. He hit into thinking I kinda like cup but they do so we're sitting there and so pop a draw a line and then she critics screaming something about poppy draw the lightened. You start liking that's really as a good show no link and that was it have you. So in the first no I'm kidding that's a good stuff hump my knee likes that I get do you. You it's really step but I don't watch I watch this while I think nobody is neatly met Wayne Brady. The other I don't want and it wasn't he sounds like way embryo. No I just watch a lot of Pepa pavement is that what Utah OK I just talked a lot about the pig because it's hilarious and daddy. Although you can. I think daddy agreement dilemma has been amended on a typical British accent which meant right ray as telling the third time. Comfy and the Ferris told Danica does keep Tony okay I was in room looking for police close the other day and there was an episode of how to pick on a DVR and I LAB they went on holiday is somewhere and I think he ran into me or something. And so. Bore no. Steeply you're gonna end up Sara Ramirez who was on Grey's is on got to watch Internet meaning Margaret membership was a lesbian who had the baby with doctor Mancini. She's on aerial winter. I am modern family she's the Smart not our she want Muehlegg loves little cookie cutter shorts bench people I don't and you mention Wayne Brady very yeah. See they don't look so I've got Pepe got in the background and I'm in good ways by the looking for something and there and like Italy on holiday and I hear them being like. AG UT Hughes so whatever they called GPS over the across the pond and he's like. Actually music tinged nearly a Pappas like as we get more to get you know like we do every time. And I like some of what happened that GPS magnetic so get lost my time you figure out the story line yeah I'm afraid you're so Smart then of course like something happened that never happened and Sophia they get to with the twist a break. Now that always happens in oh I get it so they go into the GPS and it turns out that you really LA just the start I have I don't know a lot of it. Of course the GPS and it is only in that like Italian or something so he's like this is you know only speaks. Which are needed they're like hey Rick don't make us and I'm like there's so getting lost time riveted and did it detailed how he could put that you know that they totally got lots. There was a cop out who came out because George lasted for a capital luster Tedy good. Was it played them Rebecca rabbit is not have so many jobs that goes well the one that's the train and then at the port plant she does every. Rap. And she's very busy this. See you at the I had wiley does get into that we can't pick out this status does not like either way this is the kind of small talk and make with people. That you've got the big. A party was some people like it was a little played it thinks the kids were in the other room and they were talking and they weren't negative I'm really grown up complicated these issues. Like the politics and like states I don't understand it. It was what and that's senator a blink of Virginia do you. That bit anyway they're having this meal like serious grown up conversation I'm like. You know all wanna know what's been happening on. I have no idea what's happened I know it's got nothing like hey I can tell you look at what's up mom are doing good things. Like ending of kids Monday no we don't clean the I don't know why stop at. Lake I literally went into the big and then you interrupted me to talk about the Medicaid show and I literally went back into the story. Let us get more Ellis. Credit to our window that I will be a movie theater away from children and yeah I'm going to be enjoying my kids Ali again this week I'll explain the actions that got them this week and it's gonna be so much fun I can see your eyes just enjoy them yeah you have so much fun with ams are probably watching have a pig I'll weekend and I will let you know and won't let me think digits demeanor slipped. I don't know actually because sweet my niece is coming for our Simmons a slumber party my sister probably won't come. I mean that my niece my cousin she's my first cousin she's RR yeah with a sixty year old it's gonna be awesome. Like it really doesn't care about anything and I love it big. She's sixteen sleet and Jack and Matt bush come over so let me see you snaps yes some forcing her she wants accountants so I'm good. Now but I got to make sure my house is clean because she's gonna be sad she never felt like Hannah Montana tickets are what kids want these days yeah are they don't want that but at the net. And I let's see I don't know she's other stuff she's pretty DOS she's awesome though can't it just goes Nestle thank. I'm home probably nine grandma. Click OK so I have a rabbit what are they. Remember iron we I'm doing it now how late can I parent teen and things like that if you don't know what they know. It's key thing that we do anything wrong you know they're not. We're plus we got there English name that we cannot get around do you iron. I didn't.