Bad Moms 6: Christmas Elf and Box of Jesus

Wednesday, December 13th

Merry Christmas! The presents, the lies, the pills...and of course a box of baby Jesuses.

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I'm not. How he had 08 appeal are beginning to meet not. Well yeah but I mean we haven't done this and fur ever where have you been in my office where you dead. In my off this not out you have been out you haven't been able to do this. You've been out. I hung over our. Hung older I don't know what about calling over and outlay quick hits you took Caucasian kids have like some sort of winter breakers and the almighty god that was ridiculous they don't have brakes and then you're like oh look it's like Thanksgiving or some thing. And then. I know my husband literally had an appendage chopped dom yeah. It you're like well I've got to leave did you bring into the dock there is in the hospital can't walk there himself. Couldn't and she never. Felt they could. So we are back for a and Christmas edition of the bad moms podcast and sang Christmas because we don't even over going to be able to do this next week as I don't even a big going to be here. Actually don't even know I had to take a lot of time mockup just begin to drop Kristi did like you know I was just thinking about that you know who has. As much time moms and children in elementary school teachers. Well I mean it and tube that decade got a morning Jenna. All like Jake hey I'm at work well I'm not talked to them about the they're coming on I. Yeah and Arctic out from that point on until way after the new yeah see exactly I'm keenly watched my twins. Actually Jaycee and doing tonight for weeks do you think he's got he's got. The case that club late. Yeah hastening we can you both have a clearly him so that he can totally lectured me think had it yet so no I don't take a lot of time off for that I'm luckily it did the math. And my vacation time. You went to starts over on January 1 I just haven't you know and you know why would not trust you watch your kids. Al being Al. My kids no booze it's funny you know he would lose them in Mexico. What do you like not only is that and he had at exactly. And what you want for Christmas is I don't know. I don't know. Men don't tell me. Please here's happened so Stevie gets. Like Stevie it's all excited about Christmas break and I am somebody who I pay attention all the time OK so I. I it will just pay attention to what they're into and then buy gifts based on that. So like I went and I got mad he liked this whole art set but not like one of those like Jane Swift she's listening. She can heat you pick it. I not that anyone of these aren't that that is not like it's Yankee one whereas I just like degree on the muggers or whatever this is light the charcoal. And like a sketch pack your Elena coastal among nice you know it was a heck how could someone doesn't. My government different sore but it like has like all of these different lake beings. Charcoal some sort of like weird pencil that I've seen artists use that Blake. Pat I don't know it doesn't sharp and I have no idea to our I've seen people who knew our day use these utensils OK okay and so I am I got her that and then I got Chloe some stop. Still ask them what do you want I just kind of know what they like and then I shop accordingly Expedia on the other hand. Goes and he gets the Toys 'R' Us I mean is the respite. Glasser yes Kelly did you he gets the job adopt. 'cause that's one way to spend a ton of money because he doesn't it's a catalog is like hey Chloe what do you want. And then you know and adding colonial I and then second thing that's an Elway get that thousand dollar price tag I want to bat at lake. So I till the peak. Two things out of that that they think they might like to ask Santa Claus for. And then and usually they change their minds which they forget about the back catalog of that they gives me an idea what they're cutting interest and it's probably just going what what you do. Like what their interest entities out of nowhere Nike does a one a desk. Let's see earlier at a desk at yeah well. Yeah I do a lot of practice work tomorrow. I needed to personally ask hate and he doesn't and he wanted to desk he's not on the blog and I was liking Peabody Orlando could he get and no strings like a whole regular do you Bruins public desk -- yeah five comment you know doing important work out like to use the data tracking this thing off the market. It yet. Click yes. But we I have since agreed to get one like his friend has which is a chair like the school desk where it's attached pool table wrap around. So we get him that because it's fifty bucks on Amazon's. And because he eats her current crapping on TV aids is like 90% of all meals he had in one of highlight fabric chairs yes. Directly but of the TV in the living room yes easy like a TV console as the table coming in teaching him how to multitask so well. Overruled so he'll like the lives of nightmare yes chairs pretty funky so we just put like a cover on and yet. And is actually up at the desk in the living room even if we're to blame them. Did they can just eat all their meals and do other living and that one speaks I love ride any given mounting you can walk in and that's house and like her kid is just sitting in the chair like Eden like what's up. Any day now you're just gonna hand in my beer in it. And they did it thanks miles handout his hands. I nanny Connie. It was a diva. And sunny and yeah right that's malaria and my daughters as. Well whenever he's getting. And other two but she also lets each as she gets exactly what he gets. She. I know she's nervous you lose hadn't said. Some and he got them and they I was on the phone with them yesterday I don't remember who your well let's imagine it's no my good. And so they'll tell my own student mineral I was with somebody yesterday and so they said hey I saw this and I thought about your girls. And I got them something but I got it for both of them and it's the same thing so that they don't buy and I was like oh my kids don't do that. And I like. Black and I was like no my kids don't fight over it like having the same thing and their late that's lucky and Mike I don't play that. Yeah I. I have to get Emmys are great and I got one of those pop solo microphones and does all over the place. No I don't like Wal-Mart had like they're black Thanksgiving sailor whatever. And that does. I'm dollars in millions normally fifteen every wreck but they only had one like you literally couldn't buy more than one weekend and check out yet at 'cause calling that's my sister called on them. Hello there was Cheaney. Change. Clean honest and tell us search. A link that that he can't ask her out you have to so I had to find another one of those microphones I guess and at faithful pray that seems to. Finish the fight him 100. Then. And not her price per cent and they go well I don't seem long Dele house. Instead house for a while. The car seat. I'll see if she says she's about mom but she's gonna get in the car seat that's good cap. Sisters dumb as a box around. You can't car seat you're welcome we'll tell I don't write my mom wouldn't. And not listen she's got to go get the kids they can women being important meeting this morning yeah. And I am so she'd fed to leave the car seat and all that severing. So of course I elected in my fourth year so that when she cats in my house that she just opened the front door and give she's keep your mouth. She is open the front door and then get and that she play get wet I don't. MM leg you know Alice and so she's like what I've actually got to leave it at the school and I'm like. F police car seats and some at school day and he did it take you choose recent even if they can't like close les that waste. Cool he can't do. And that's historic an X isn't that a so my kids are added. Not good yeah you know and senate this year we've got beat and a case of the elf went up grey yeah and twenty minutes after they saw the house yet. For the elf arrived decades listening on the scene just minutes after days sunny out today. You know knocked it home. The whom they don't care about present a well. But she thought really baton and I'm punishing the other one and like she's kind of Solis and saddling your own price idea get it right in an accident parenting might look let me give then here hold the elks. Delta's they're trying to check as president on TV when every day yes and the eighty Lisa. Everybody that to heart that he drop back. A security camera can be seen these yet. Only partly Stevie talked about that you poses a security camera for them and he was like what another really great way freed up. Blake let some really make your kids excited about Chris Penn. Just Siena as a watching is too ethereal for them like yellow he sees beauty sleep beating it likely has been like a stop without. Thank you know I'm getting they kind of big get a little bit worried about it but it's not real enough for them yes so I got the security camera yet and it says Santa cam on it and then has their names on it yet the health brought it just don't. And out of my daughter is so funny easy it was good news bad for reals. Like heat would like to walking around the house and senate seat into things looks in these our Christmas lights. Let's see an option this is my bedroom looked you know whatever and she starts crying whenever appoints that or does each. Should the. She's the. Oh yeah that's why yes. Thumbed nose so we Wear. Carly comes three kids a couple weekends ago I had a working it was my weekend with the kids for me and so of course think they went to go to my mom's house. Which is always you know a bad idea but I needed help sell it she goes is so clearly comes back from my mom's house and we're laying down this you know she sleeps with me. And like every night lie it's really fun and it's great I really love how she liked him to sleeps with her feet in my neck and you know so she's played laying in the bed and she's like wrap my head every NAFTA Revver and some like revving her head and she does my me. Is CNN and Jesus always watching me well and I was like. You hear that this really talk about Jesus and house that you know. The house like mostly we just got the Tooth Fairy yeah I like we have a house were relaying. All right thanks and it got to do it because I feel like you're bargaining with them to like be good yes what I'm doing this on my shot and it yes so I'm just play Cano we're going to be good because if not year you know we're gonna get are not Spain but like you know you're getting get put. You weren't CBS is listening yeah. I. No I did not state we all know I would never learned that no no case tell pools I don't know I don't threat. That would spanking and my mom threatened with spanking I don't threaten was thinking because that's never my first thing but if they do late Chloe. Not Matty of course but Blake if Chloe does get out Hanna will like pop her little legs or something like that. Like if she keeps you know. But I don't do it out of play like they're razor blade yes. My leg strapped with raises aren't they NLM and compare her she deserves a debt right. So I so unlike you know who brought that up. And suss said take Chloe who told you about and she doesn't mean Mac and GGA so immediately I know my mom probably told us some. Aft up story about Santa watching his. Every nosy as well I know everybody knows that but my mom always takes it like. Wade further that late game normal story OK so for example. In order to try to tell the kids not to share like brush is an everything at their friend's house. She talked in Matty about like these hideous bugs that get there Blake. She's really wedding and she didn't call it life it wasn't like a regular life story it was like some sort of and she called us some sort of different kind of bug. And she's like that you're hey. And global blood is scared Matty don't death so then like she wouldn't want to use anybody else's aggression like. You know I've already talked to her about this and she doesn't use anybody else's stuff like why did you do that. I discussed tell your kids are to do that. Well yeah meanwhile like kids running every storm Hanna had. No like oh yeah we know. It just goes to recommend you don't it is and I am not playing then that he's had. Think if she ever got out to shave and I'll opt out but it got so much. It's so I might I know she probably told them some bike after a story about and I am like how is always watching and then you know we'll come down like. You know whatever and send them the hell or something like that after it. Can she doesn't act and then you know Gigi of course that come about Jesus. Yen. Like all the time but he's got a lot to do you re not a game he's watching but not well you know an hour right now because he's not the Manger. Is he seen all of you know the best thing is sick is Steve Neil's mom and this is I mean this is my favorite. Favorite thing about Christmas. The G house at the original G house is that his mom has like at least. Seven to ten to activity seen in evergreen. No room of the house not set a present in every room yes like she's tired and not hit pretty good yeah. She has a timeout nativity scenes and how it activities in the main bathroom. I don't know. Is there one maybe we only catch Blake dean did just likes to she has little figurines and I. Some because she's given me like little tiny glass figurines activity seen snow you know. And like different like little thing has played and they'll be like you did have a separate lines or shall give you like something where it's like she Ed with a Manger and that's I have lately every piece in this one little like sculpture it's just he's Harry Shearer got nose actually is that brits she's got one with like. Sana holding them Manger with Jesus definitely can't it's like. The next level back up next level nativity scenes and she's got an outside inside everywhere you know. So. The best thing is is that she usually gets nativity scenes where the baby leg weary you have to kind of put the baby had an out. Yeah and so when you go to her house before Christmas Day it's like empty nest. Because there's no baby Jesus then an AM next chair because she takes them and so my favorite thing is always imagined that she's just got to block should he be do you. I yeah little. Did she does little box and maybe yeah yeah not being done it ever asked you. Because it just might might be like to imagine that I had she had a little bit. You have to hide and they they have to find it all the time isn't like Al yeah busy so I. I just like imagine a movie you know where's the box a baby Jesus this Christmas morning she can hide baby Jesus around the house adding it to find the baby Jesus and put him in the main yeah. That's what not yeah. Now looks I'm sorry he's bowl and he gets in the Manger I was adding corporate did did you did you know she does it after midnight mass to yeah. And I think is she really her box. Babies. She brought to granite yeah everyone in places Jesus gently in all of them. With a small prayer yes. We did that you know like with DeWitt that's a baby Jesus would've cracked cracked cash and also the three wise men were not there until kings and we wouldn't they would be it. I would be in charge of as a child moving them around the living Nampa civic closing classics an nativity sat. And then so he they'd start over at one corner and only slowly week that this is self doubt is different I'm going to have to wake. Why not Darren ready I think Dennis historically accurate. I'm I. Did they get sick and I want to note given how he likes what. A lot of yeah that's right. You've got to put them out in the hall. I didn't take the man now it. Indeed he didn't have a box of old man in baby. Talk about all I got yeah. Got married. To Amazon. Could I meet the bond to old. Do the baby and that's boxer ever this is Aggies can't I can't I should Blake. You know why if violently seized he doesn't know how to file in this parent really good I grew up there I would literally take her box and rabbit every year so didn't present that day her lip as a gift. And she would open an and it would just be a box for the statue being. She did you think this is funny. Looking to get. I hope the sisters and it's funny to us and then Sunday. A lot of our do you think we're bad parent asks LA now appeared. So you never do that right good okay how'd you do that a decent from it a day itself I know it might sound like we're not good parents. Those sounds like (%expletive) I whenever. Like where not gay parents that we are not doing it run you hire. Sort of like that marry Christmas.