Carol Markowitz on Turning an Entrepreneurial Vision into Reality

Wednesday, October 2nd

Do you have a new idea or initiative for your business but are not sure how to make it a reality? Are you an entrepreneur who dreams of serving your community with a project to propel the economy and enliven the culture? Whether you are the visionary or the executor of the plan, having a good working relationship within your team is key. When all participants strive for success and can lean on each other during lulls in progress it becomes easier to overcome the inevitable storms that come with a new project.

Host, Mary Foley speaks with Carol Markowitz, COO and CFO of Loyola University and Treasurer of the New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute (NOCHI). Carol tapped into her grit and vision to spearhead the creation and launch of NOCHI, a project that has truly brought a much-needed resource to the NOLA region. Today, we talk about what it took for Carol to make her dream a reality and how she found a more fulfilling way to apply her expertise in corporate finance against different industry sectors and stages of growth.

During this inspiring conversation, Carol shares what made the six-year project absolutely worth it, how she managed to complete the project with the support of her husband, and the value of a shared vision.

Listen and Learn:
Taking an idea and turning it into reality
The questions to ask yourself before starting a major project
Starting a Culinary Institute from scratch
Being part of a supportive team with a shared vision
Being resilient through psychological, practical, and financial setbacks
How to bridge the gap between vision and execution
The importance of asking the ‘dumb’ questions
Playing to your strengths
How to acquire entrepreneurial skills
How important spousal support is during a large scale project

New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute

Loyola University New Orleans

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