Christmas at the Opera

Monday, December 4th


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Greetings this is Joseph McKesson marketing director of the New Orleans opera AKA. Opera just go with this week's podcast. New Orleans opera at large. Is a very exciting time of year because our first three operas of the season have been finished so far 75 anniversary is off to a rolling and rollicking start. With some of the most exciting performances that people have seen. In decades course buddy added when a status was a huge hit. And a sellout for us and they're very exciting operatic experience because it involved dongle yet soul. And some of the greatest interpreter is of these roles and of course the return of homer saloon. A great director and artistic leader of Atlanta opera. So it's been an exciting time and we follow that with Polly Archie a huge success. Brad Dalton returning to direct them wonderful double bill which of course was our 1943. The season. Companies' association. Opener. This beautiful double bill which of course are artists and maestro an orchestra and chorus performed to perfection. And then the cherry on our fall part of the season. Orpheus in the underworld what a rock I can't remember. Being an audience anywhere with so much enthusiasm for the cam pan that hits. Over. 15060. Almost seven years later. And it is still a sensation you know there's still some pieces of music that are forever. And the cam cam is one of those you can basically sell anything with the proper care and and and I think we can and learn that as we can and can't wait to theater. That's where we do to learn but today I wanted to talk about Christmas because Christmas in New Orleans is a very special things. Just like Halloween why's. I am constantly amazed at how people here in New Orleans just go raised for their holidays and Christmas is no exception. A wonderful sponsor WW OLA. And the magic 101 point nine. Are the premier Christmas break yours and I'm here and there's studios recording. Thinking about all the great events we have coming up. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. It now we start off this wonderful holiday season with the opera scenes at Loyola university. This weekend November 17 at 730 a new maker Paul. This presentation is called the French connection. It's salutes the tri Centennial of New Orleans of course our 75 anniversary. And the vibrant French cultural heritage that we all live here in New Orleans that I am now part of and learning about. My French study has not helped me one bit. Burgundy. Seriously berg Gundy. Well it doesn't matter you can call it what you want because at the end of the day it's home and I am falling in love with New Orleans especially the loyalists scenes I had the pleasure of going last spring. And I was blown away not only by the wonderful talent but by the music choices that these students made truly cutting edge. Opera and literary choices that just blew my mind for ones so young and of course take a lot of that from their great teachers. Carol Rauch Claire Shackleton and David Morlon. They all kind of fuel the fire for these wonderful students will be 35 singers who will present a lively mix of scenes from opera opera and Broadway. Representing famous operas. Given their US premieres right here in New Orleans and theatrical works set both in France and Louisiana. And a lot of favorites like in encode. Yes. Yes it should be great again the music direction of Carol Roush who is of course our music administrator and chorus master. Who we would not survive or make it through an opera season without. Thank you Carol rounds. And of course the staging as I mentioned is by Claire Shackleton. And of course. The incredible. Legacy of moral law you have to say David's name in the theatrical made in a theatrical manner or else it just doesn't come across hope to have him on for an interview soon. I had the pleasure working with David warlock when I was a young singer. And I left it's the experience. A greater artist for it. Yes the great ones sometimes will make you pay attention to a person. In the most interest in theatrical ways and that is dated bull all the event is free and open to the public. So make your way this weekend November 17 2017. At 7:30 PM to cede the Loyola opera scenes. A wrench connection. Mean. I. Yeah. It. A. Now this Sunday November 19 will be a very special concert at 5 PM for the Louisiana musicians disaster relief fund. Gabriela followed days. Requiem. Assault Lewis will be Haley Whitney rocky month all and Jesse reeks. And the ad hoc. Relief orchestra will be donating their time under the baton of Paul Mo Frey. This will be the trinity episcopal church at thirteen 29 Jackson avenue. And that is WWW trinity Nolo dot com please come and donate. Heavily. To Louisiana musicians disaster relief fund. Okay. Okay. I. Now one of the most exciting things going on for me. This holiday season is Christmas at the guilt alone. The ladies come and decorate the house who lives on nine up to the rafters and beautiful garlands and lights. Start to acts crash is. And Santa and his rained here in many forms from many time periods it is one of the most luscious. To malicious Christmas events in the city and they'll be extending tours ours from the last week of November through New Year's. So I hope that shall come down to 2504. Pretend history and see all the amazing decorations. At the guilt on me in fact this year. Betty Brooks Doss has made us a wonderful. And beautiful Christmas book to save as a momentum. Of the guild home at Christmas. Now they price this book at thirty dollars is a fund raiser for the opera and its 75 year. So I hope you'll partake in buying this book it is adorable. If the very thing that your grandmother would love for you to have or that she would love to receive herself. It is a great. Record how we decorate the house and the history of why. And where the decorations scope for what reason it is phenomenal. So please take the tour get the book. And give the women sheer. For decorating the guild homes so beautifully for us every year. Oh yeah. I. We'll. We'll. It's. You know. We also have a special treat this holiday season. Will be presenting on December 8. A new children's opera. Yes we've become very famous for our hands full and reveled that we have done even just this ball to the tune of 400 students in attendance. And of course they love and gravel but it's time to introduce a new piece so we're introducing little red riding hood by Seymour Barr rob. And that will be part of our 75 anniversary plan to expand our educational offerings. So we've added a new opera it will premiere with us on December 8. Two performances one at 1 PM and another at 2 PM. Act young audiences charter school. 1407. Virgil street Gretna Louisiana. Of course you can find this information on New Orleans opera doc or. Education. This delightful. Presentation is police staged and cost him it's about forty minutes long. And it's is specifically designed for children so please bring all your kids but it also contains humor that parents and teachers will appreciate. We're hoping that this will be a nice compliment tore Hansel and Gretel. It has all the regular characters the wolf the woods and the mother the grandmother are hilarious. All done in a kind of operatic commuted elect please dial. The storybook characters. Who vividly pop in to live with a great humor and of course as usual. Little red riding it as the smartest of them at all so please calm. December 8 at 1 PM and and other performance at 2 PM young audiences charters school. 1407. Virtual street retton now Louisiana and the cast of course is all of our wonderful wonderful singers from Leo and Tulane. And no. As little red riding hood we will see a lot of Gleason. And the role of the wolf slash Woodman Rahim involved. As the mother and grandmother Kate Holmes and Katharine Graham. Should be very grew and the rehearsal director is Todd Simmons our executive director. And the production is staged by William Milan the director of education are collaborative pianist for the 44 ounces is Jan Cox thank you Jan a lot of time and we really appreciate it we appreciate all of our pianist and if you ever meet one or C one. Be sure to tell them thank you you know. Idea how many hours they spend act but quijano. The pool and. And well more. Oh yeah mine since it's. Yeah yeah. Home. Yeah. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And you well. As you can see we have lots going on between now and Christmas and what an exciting time it is this Friday you can go see -- all opera scenes. You can go on Sunday and here that got real. Following a requiem. And then you can go to the opera party on December 2 you can see our new production of the children's opera little red riding hood on December 8 and of course all this time any time after the Thanksgiving week you can go to the guild home and see the guild home Christmas. It is going to be sensational and then of course. But last opera and tapped at the old opera house this is how opera connects when we say opera connects and social media. Where we're not saying that it this connects to the socket to to the heart from the stage that's one connection yes that's true but it also connects. The community. We're putting opera writing your face and all these wonderful venues for you to go to. Opera is all encompassing because it requires the artist to be inspired because the music the thing is so difficult. They have put lots of practice time intuit. Every opera we duties diligently rehearsed and put together. We present opera because we are opera addicts and therefore we know that opera connects people the beautiful music. And lighten the soul the stories inspired new stories. And the young artist older artist to hassle and entertain. With their amazing ability to put language. Emotions. And literature on its feet for us to understand opera connects viscerally. Across all arts. And that's why we love it so. So we hope that you understand what we mean by that as we close the year because opera connects is a sentiment. That will go on long beyond our 75 anniversary as we go. From person to person introducing opera to them one person at a time of that's what it takes. Bring a friend to the opera and if you see someone in the house that you've never seen before. Go up to them and talk to them about opera let them know why it's so important and all the great memories that it's built for use. Opera is memories a great performance. As we all know is forever. And that's why opera connects it goes across every level of art community. And it reaches to include everyone in the New Orleans area there are people here so inspired by opera. They're making up original crazy operas to put in the Mardi Gras parades. Original crazy operas to put into jazz shows. And that's going to be. The wonderful exploration of New Orleans opera at large this podcast right here. We will continue on so I appreciate you listening and I hope that you'll enjoy all the great concerts we have coming up for Christmas. Don't be afraid of Christmas no matter what. To nomination you are no matter what your background. We can all celebrate the glory of beautiful lights. Wonderful imagination. And of course. In depth wonderful. Thought provoking. Opera. Talk to next week. Has been your host Joseph McKesson the marketing director at New Orleans opera. AKA opera GO take care and I'll be talking to you and the week after Thanksgiving. And and. I. Yeah it's. OK but it. The brotherhood.