Credit and Debit Card Processing Simplified

Thursday, December 5th

Holidays are huge buying times and not just for consumers but also for our clients and customers. Whether you are business-to-consumer, business-to-business, or a business-to-human business there is a lot of money being spent. In fact, 86% of all transactions are paid by credit or debit card or a digital wallet. But, do you understand your credit card merchant services and the benefits of having a trusted partner? Do you know if your current plan the right fit for your business and are the fees worth the service you receive from your provider? 

In this episode, Host, Mary Foley speaks with Jack Larkin for a comprehensive dive into merchant services. Jack Larkin is a Relationship Manager with BancCard, a partner of Fidelity Bank who provides merchant services to all Fidelity’s customers. it's a big credit card processing world out there and Jack aims to make it less confusing. If your business needs or wants to take credit or debit card payments from customers you will find this episode invaluable.

During this enlightening conversation, Jack shares the level of service you should expect from your merchant service processor, the risks associated with accepting different types of payments, and trends in transaction processing for large and small businesses.  

Listen and Learn:
How to simplify card transactions for the upcoming holiday season
How to become a savvy user of credit card merchant services
Why businesses are using merchant services
What types of businesses use merchant services
How credit and debit card processes differ from provider to provider
What to look for in a merchant services company
How to figure out the effective rate of credit card processing for your business
Hot trends in credit and debit card processing and online transactions
The risks associated with credit and debit card transactions and processing
The importance of trust in service provider relationships

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