Fidelity P.O.W.E.R Plug: Partnering With a Trusted Accountant Can Help Small Business Owners Grow a Better Business

Wednesday, March 6th

If you ask a small business owner what the best part about running their business is, rarely will you hear “it’s the numbers! I love crunching numbers!” Yet the role of accounting in successfully growing a business is paramount. Historical data can be used to forecast upwards trends and warn of possible slow periods. Fully understanding all the transactions that transpire in your business can empower you to take that next leap forward to achieving your business goals. So, why are you only communicating with your bookkeeper during tax time?

Host, Mary Foley speaks with Melissa Thies, an accountant who has seen the power of data in action. As Co-owner of Work - A Business Resource, Melissa changes the game of traditional transaction-based accounting services by building trusted relationships with her clients. She has taken both large and small clients to the next level of business by improving cash flow, creating budgets for project management, and providing insightful reports tailored toward growth opportunities.

Melissa previously held a position in a large Public Accounting firm but didn’t find it rewarding. She and her husband chose to create Work - A Business Resource so they could focus on small businesses who need a little more attention and offer more meaningful relationships. The team offers new clients an introductory face-to-face meeting at no charge.

Listen and Learn:
How small business owners can use accounting to create efficiencies in their business
How accounts receivable, invoicing, and taxes can be simplified and paperless
How to compile business data into usable information
How empowering good, quality data can be
How to take the risk out of making decisions
The biggest mistakes Small business owners make when it comes to accounting
Why business owners should outsource their accounting functions
How to find a reliable business partner for your bookkeeping needs
Three ways an accountant can make you a better business owner

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