Orpheus in the Underworld with Casey Candebat

Wednesday, November 8th

Casey Candebat, star of our upcoming production of Orpheus in the Underworld, explains the opera, singing, modern opera and much more with our host Joe McKesson Marketing Director of the New Orleans Opera!

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Greetings this is Joseph McKesson marketing director for the New Orleans opera. And I am starting a new podcast here this season to celebrate our 75 anniversary. Now I'm new to New Orleans and kind of taking advantage of that fact to learn about New Orleans through the arts. So aren't taking each opera one step at a time each group one step at a time so you and I can learn more about them. There's a rich heritage here opera going back 222. Years yes 222. Years this is America's first city opera. And the first opera was performed here in 1796. Don't please see today. That's why we have a facility in society in case you're wondering. So today I'm going to think about all the great things that we're doing for our anniversary we are spending the season. We are trying to create audience inclusion which means we present works that appealed to everybody who lives in war. And also we are extending the outreach of our education program in two new schools. And new programs. That we never had before basically we want to celebrate opera every day. Every week. Every month. And every year starting with this year. Our 75 anniversary. Opera connects. So as part of that I wanted to create this podcast called New Orleans opera. At large. I am going to be taking our wonderful singers that come to sing with us. Our wonderful members board members societies and bring them to the floor in podcast. So that you can learn about them. And your music that relates to their lives because of course opera and music is the core of why we have this Greek passion. For the arts here in New Orleans no New Orleans is an art city non parallel to me that I've ever been and I lived in many many cities and that includes New York. There is a diversity of our here and writers and painters. That blow my mind. So I'm gonna start with of course our very own opera this year so it's our 75 anniversary of blowing and now we have seven opera's this year seven operas and more venues. So more choices than you've ever had before for opera here in New Orleans and I hope that you're taking advantage of that you've already got two down. Maria de Buenos Aires was a huge success we've sold out and audiences that had never seen opera became diminished and passionate about it. Through the music of Dong law the music of pixel. And then we of course have our wonderful opening night of color realistic Ghana and Polly achieved which was a huge success bringing the tradition of opera to the floor of our season. Our actual seventy fifths. Anniversary opera began in 1943. With calorie honesty Kana and partly Etsy. And that's why we chose that for our premier unfortunately though we have another thing in New Orleans that I have to learn about and that's a. Hurricane or tropical storm or a depression depending on how you look at it for us it was a bit of a depression because we didn't get to do our Sunday performance. Which of course made many of us very sad. Because we wanted to do more than one became a non opera it was in an honor to name which was not a very good things so if you're so inclined please go and donate. And New Orleans opera dot org right now of course our next Wednesday shows the most exciting of all because it is a part of our. Our our dedication to French repertoire with something I'm learning a lot about here in Portland. In terms of relationship to Paris our sister city the city of lights and so to that and we are dedicating our next opera. To everything that is Perry's and in Louisiana and and that he is shocked often box Orpheus in the underworld. This is a startlingly weird and fun and her audit periodic opera. Because it is a satire on the second empire which has a lot of parallels to today if you really think about it. So if we wanna think about satire where that went. In 1858. Jacques often Bach was a starving musician in Paris trying to make his way as a composer of course then composers were the most. Most revered and loved of artists' things to read seen and those who had come before him to Paris. And he. Made his way with this little piece of political satire that them inspired the rest of Europe to start making charities in opera reform. In particular are most famous do it we all now Gilbert and Sullivan. So often box wonderful parody. Orpheus and underworld is a rump of the dobbs who kind of choose a musician. And every day Joseph as it were or in this case. And every day Orpheus to. Go on the tour of hell to get back his wife or does he want her back. These things we never know week go to the opera Arlen sweetly get worse or spoiler here. My guest today is a native son. And this one artist has been a New Orleans audience favorite for quite awhile because he's performed a lot of operator in New Orleans and so he has lots of fans. And his name is Casey canned about who is here today to discuss or fears his life. And everything that opera has done to it or foray. Thanks for having me. Well why I'm so excited that you're doing Orpheus in the general obviously it's one of those operas that not a lot of people know. It's its premiere here we've never diamond world before. So what can you tell us about it that might be interest. Everyone I think knows the canned canned. The most famous number at the end of the pack two finale. Ortiz was done actually wants and lawless before not ignore owns opera was done by a little university. In probably 2007 I was actually in production well. And that was it's kind of city premiere this the first time the real companies taking it on and they're doing much better things that we do withering college. Or fetus is a wonderful piece because. It is hilariously funny I mean he you've mentioned the satire often put in it and it's so appropriate from the wallets because. The satire is exactly the same as the carnival parade I mean you you feel like you're watching the crew of chaos code on the avenue because. Every float has more more satire on that's what this piece laws meant to just be a raucous commentary. On everything going on. In that period. And what our director Allison Moore it's much Robert I'll have done is they have. Brought the dialogue more contemporary. They've made the jokes and the satire a little more. Relevant to today's. Society with out getting into the political world and we don't ruffle anyone's feathers. Right politics is very Dicey and it is you don't wanna go one way or the other but this this opera seems to go every directions and you start in heaven and ended well and everything to me right. It's important note for you and coming into this opera. Or opera around that. You'd need to have a basic knowledge of mythology you know in the actual or is Smith. He's this great liar player. He plays and the stones week in the flowers open them. And he finds you read to see your recent falls in love with him. And then she's stolen Clinton got the underworld. That's the gist of the basically act one our opera. And it's the miss later continues where he descends into hell saves her and brings her back. The difference is is that wind off about this already two operas but the or Prius story was or fail amount of added them all saved by book and these were really. Considered to be height. You could not get any better than the east peace particularly the book. And so hold off about just threw it well. He's not going to be good liar player he's going to be terrible violent. It is he's not gonna love his wife he wants to divorces. She doesn't get stolen by Pluto as much as she volunteers jumped into his arms and two cents. And an infectious sets up the comedy right there if everybody goes and I think he Orpheus is gonna be this glory. Position. And the very first number you hear him sing. Is how it's my music great she's going oh it's awful noise which is putting content. At a and statue or the the amount of polarity and NC. No it's delicate domestic couple instead of these you know lauded Greek mythology figures are very much. Allison our director has moved this into the fifties. Which I think is a very good choice because you get away from Togo is chalice as a member Asia. And B you get to this aero where it's really believable husband or wife just. Once and but they can't you know they feel restricted by societal norms. There's a wonderful character that off Obama added to this public. Love actor she's fantastic. Public opinion is really the only post. And L Dolan the society page writer and everything altogether she's constantly commenting and she's the Greek chorus. She's commenting on everything going on. Whilst trying to maintain a more old. Aptitude amongst all the characters. And she literally drags me to kicking in screen I don't want to go oh I'm so happy that yours has been stolen. And her character was Noonan. Any second activists opera you're not unique to descend into the inferno. Because also of the fifties. Looks like a studio back which I think is genius and her partner you know the often off road in this whole scene with the dogs that they're unhappy. You know there will be in their rights. They are tired of the lofty gods they wanna go down and have a bock and on earth and just do they wish and so it really accents that there in this. Hollywood. Back lot as a moon kind of dangling in the back but not quite in the right place the furniture is almost skew. And the second the mortal or obvious comes into the picture to clap their hands they lift that mood they put the furniture back because they have to put on the song. Mean JT's. In complete contrast to that hell is the greatest nightclub that ever exist. On lights at them very long bar. Which is for rent at the balancing studio by the way when this event is over currently. Which is open ones right just open up are we need are Embarq the opera bar the first sentence studio has a lot of things that could be used in a bar when we didn't vampire years ago they had a beautiful street car. Went across hole a street car and I called and said you know so what should print put in front Hawkins is it Hezbollah. But. And we can try to put it into modern era record you know you that or or the flying dutchman that we can we have a full scale flight that stroke beautiful. I love to see new studio that is my fear replaced ago and of course it's such a different vibe in the offices of very much. Something. That particular people who enjoy like the Container Store organization and when you walk into a prop studio and you don't. I wonder what sort of glasses they haven't you have about. 121000 to choose from every possible color and style and period it's very relaxing. Experience and it's also just dropped you walk and it. See about fifty chandeliers dangling above your head or a parent. Well one thing I think a lot of people in New Orleans as you know I go around talking about the opera with strangers on every corner because that's part of my job right. Oh did you know there's an opera company here or you haven't been to the opera and of course it's all about it right. I've done the senior studio for me is one of those stories that I just love to tell people about the I don't think a lot of people realize that each one of our productions. Is built specifically for that opera. That's the entire sets the cast it's all a live theater sometimes one of the perceptions they are on the street is that. We've got to bring those people in the dislike touring shows them right no. Yeah that that's a very common misconception not just a New Orleans it's out of everywhere but. For the most part you're right and let's ring to assess which rarely happens here in new loans. It's being built right here and that's why I love opera so much because opera. You've got great singing if the singers weren't there you've got a complete symphony going on out I'll never get but I did Solomon here years ago. I went to one of the orchestra reads. And listening to strossen Solomon without the seeing that this could be a piece on its we don't need to be Israel and the group superfluous if they orchestrate. A and I mean that's why opera so wonderful because you've got dancing in and of itself you've got acting in and of itself. And besides that you've got custom design you've got the senate does on you've got light design graphic design now with. Projections and things that are being put to opera's I mean it's I can't think of any other art form that encompasses so much why it's awesome. You say that because one of the campaign slogans we after this year also are hash tag is opera connects. You know because it's true reconnect the community together by building these productions that much we connects artists to audience you know by bringing the best artists that we can afford or find to bring to this opera whether by hook or by crook. Holes. It's. Oh yeah law. And. Little. And it's. Behind this news. Ma. Bus full. Term minus the role. It's. Oh yeah. To them and us and we'll leave it also owns the thing read. A us and. Yeah she's really good news. Seeing the ma. Ma oh yeah we hear your thoughts. You okay. Well. He's. Oh alone. Yeah it's means loans. Yeah. And. It's. Right. It. And you're. Game plus. See movies about. Okay. There was a little holes balloons went ice it's game I'm. Sure it's. Began. Okay. Okay. And this is ma. Yeah it's. It's. Every. No clue it's. My house yeah. So yeah. Do you. And watch him do not. Office. It's. Look at. It. Casey cared about singing at the apple orchard music by Lori Blackman. Text by Dana joy from the have songs foundation supporting the arts. Of American song from page to stage. Let's head by Thomas Hampson. Now Casey you're a native son who grew up in this town that's right you know these people you know have a town operates and also used grew up through the opera system here yet from a high school in tune into college and he went out and Ambac tells a little bit about your proper use W childhood and kind of tell me your inspiration that led you to going in opposite reasons also where your New Orleans experience back when caveman invented. There are hot. And that happened here. And yeah I don't. My entire family I mean. My family has been in New Orleans are on both maternal and paternal sides so it's been handled out here what coming up next year will be our 300 as well. When I called before he established norms but anyway. I was really the first person in my family to have anything to do well and I didn't know much about it I always. I've was. Three years old when I start at scene in. I was nine when I'm really starting going. But that's pretty young is 03 was a complete accident. As may crowning at night pre K graduation. And sister Virginia went Casey's give him the Mike just me in my and I sang at the top of my Alonso Mary we crown with blossoms today. Author really have a shot cents. And then when I was nine. My life really did change. A nun who has a very close. History with my family this woman taught my mother and her sisters. It was a principal of the high school and then was going to be my country teacher before she retired it's like she actually never got to teach. But she handed my fourth grade teacher a newspaper clip it's the same as cathedral in the French Quarter starting a boy choir. I really think Casey should go audition and she wanted to handed to me I was petrified for. So she kept calling me over I would not go in the year suffice it to what we're teaching it to me and I'm not patient. And drew Montague who still the head of the scenes the neutral colors. And I think the whole music program and as both a teacher lately university wonderful pianist and a wonderful pianist and even singer too yes he does that. Drew a start at this boy choir and that this really what started singing and had that moment not happened. I would not obvious to well and I kept singing I knew some about opera by my favorite story about opera is. My father always listens to WW Aziz radio station and he also liked 89 point nine. And eighty point nine back then would have. Opera and then cajun music. So he would leave it on waiting for the cajun music to come and I would just sit outside listening to the opera once the cage and started go back inside it's. Mike that's start with and opera was on the radio completely exit wasn't paying any attention to it just absorbing it all listening to it. And I never really thought about. Opera as a career until college. I continue to sing all through high school. Choirs and several so cool groups that it is so it's not real and I didn't solos. Within the chorus and I I was a cancer at a church here in town but I'd. My teachers warrant nets high school teachers had no affiliation now it's time. So the idea if like even pulling these 24 Italian arias and that was in a four and then as a boy soprano I had done Solis stuff but right. Once the change happened and I became attendant there. Things were different. But my freshman year of college was Katrina. Oh my and I was going to label in new islands and so we have our freshman orientation. The Saturday for the storm. So. Of course evacuated everyone else did and about three weeks later we'll look got a hold of the locals. You're doing weird you be going to school. And I just went and I have no idea it was right where should I go right so if it was Spring Hill and Alabama or Regis university in Denver Colorado. And I won at spring. Clothes. And for some reason namely. Very pretty Brunette I met at an orientation that weekend. I ended up considering this book club at least if I ended up going to Regis University. I actually what really sold that was there head of the music department meant mark Davenport called. Spokesman for two hours remembers being parking pacing back and forth talking to. And he went there any book we don't have a music major. Good music department. I'll get you all the one on one coaching you can get it will just and it gives you your basics and you get back. Be ready. And it turned down so like I said yes. Regis is very small school I think it has 23 at that time period 2300 kids. Are beautiful to be used it to Marbury of the entire. When you're within the walls of the campus of one of each tree grows in Colorado which is just stunning. And when I got there my voice teacher was singing opera Colorado. The theory teacher. Did there were no rooms in the theory classes so it was one on one with much will not want one but myself and other Katrina refugees that were there grant her. Piano was one on one languages were one on one so. That's really set me up and I still think I was very good I didn't think it was anything can do. And then they had. And there's an opera deal there are Clinton and they invite me to start singing. And discovered. I'm gooch loser I learned that at that moment. You know. The ladies who lunch and myself we get along really well so that means tanner right now yes it's. And Astros. Not and I learned just like that part of the business talking to people like learning about the airlines. How they got involved with opera and I loved singing part. And when I got back to New Orleans. December. There's a sign in Loyola music law that says auditions for Romeo and Julie in. Shall. Politician. I hit a I didn't know really any are as I want to dancing comfort in every valley from the messiah and John solid out guns today. From the 26 Italian songs are a book with. I was wearing. Blue dunk during a blue jeans. And a sweater. And it's even think about putting policy to. Address and every once in ties and and jeans. And I cast this tibbles has one to seventeen year old freshman who had just turned it. While and I mean it's it's a smaller part but it's not it's not an easy it's not easy part that taught me a lot. To go for a while now. The first rehearsal I've walked in. I assumed that. It was acquire U they taught you the music while you were they right way I want to end for the sings through one day want to score. Ever gone through looked a little. I'm not prepared. Boy I tell you like never done that again I go about the patent and I looked around and I saw everybody else and unite immediately excused myself and into practice room and hammered out everything and back up for temple but the thing. Oh yeah. Trial by fire there was like the end of magic flute that the horrifying story with American nightmare I think the giver of it I'm Irish open you forgot well constantly. Or when you're done like or so I've done Orpheus. In French I've done or fetus in a different English translation and then this English translation. So my nightmare with that is you're gonna forget seeing the wrong translation you know version. Same with elixir of love I've done elixir into English translations and Italian. And it's always like we which one's going through my mind right now but they're a really get to you do you remember your first professional gig. Yes it was a new loans. In 2006. Right after I did that tickled. Robert while hired me to sing popping bow which you know it's just those two little lines. But. From that moment on. I'd I had seen it paid singing gigs every year while that was 2006 the very next year I got hired opera north's. In New Hampshire. And they hide it they hired an eighteen year old to play doctor Kai use and all staff. Who's the old lecherous French doctor. OK a nineteen year old can pulled. And I mean I. I've been fortunate that in kind of immediately. You know this is this is my eighteenth show New Orleans opera that's amazing. I guess I count it is that it eighteen shows fourteen rolls. And for courses I did four courses and then after the last chorus. I start small roles in the Robert had a roll forming basically in every show and you know. The idea there were only two years that I did not have since college that I have not had a show here and one was in grad school that couldn't get away. And then last season just as there was an anything. Particularly for me and then somebody canceled and I came into something so I hope I'm right so you've kind of been our our go to tanner and anyway I guess I could I guess under resident tanner and away sounds like I know that monster mile likes to do that to elect to build careers that's you know he really cares about singers and he likes nurturing careers so and if you see something new he will bring you and Robert has been very good to him and the rules you know. Recently gotten larger more important I mean this is my first type no actually my second. Title role here with you on the opera. There was a point where we were doing operas at the meeting would plantation Napoleon hill we did the medium there and then we did a very. On look opera called and he denies. All Iowa Maryland where I've played Maryland. I will say that counts it was really my first title role of the world's opera. I can't talk about it the next season I have a leading role and so you know. So you'll be back I'll be back we'll that's very that this isn't as well. Oh that's right guys singing in the 75 anniversary gala which is wonderful because Roberts called. Some very big names in the business as well as some of the locals that. I've kind of as he says gone on to greater things. I'm really looking forward. One you've heard it here first everybody because we're just now announcing that Casey and about it's going to be singing in the 75 anniversary gala are Diamond Jubilee celebration which is April 20s20. And 22 I believe that's correct that's right. Our our usual Friday and Sunday and that's the main Hilliard right that'll be Ilia music as we've done galas and all sorts of places that's going to be the alias that's really a celebration of Luxembourg you know it's good to us it's part of the 300 anniversary as well. You know opera as we've said I'm New Orleans so long history together and I'm so we wanna celebrate that's the world we're gonna have local college choirs. We're gonna have hopefully some international singers. Will be announcing those as they come and of course if you want tickets you can get your tickets now at New Orleans opera. Dot org you know another anniversary of the people keep forgetting. That could be. Often hear this but I'm fairly certain this is Robert Lyles. 28 going into his 21 season right I think your right now I think you're right well. We have a few celebration points it's also Carol Roush is music ministers 23 and yeah. And another woman wouldn't have my career without Carol Carol Rouse on my guys we can never say enough about their routes. If you guys don't go to opera on tap out there you should because that Carol else's show and any chance you get to hear that woman played the piano she has its amazing ability to turn her ten fingers. Into an orchestra. I mean I've once in a fair here scene with her and it's. That is a very rich orchestration and it doesn't ever quite translate into the Pia. Carol and it just it was ex she will she comes from tradition. Of opera coach and and mentor. Like a Martin's applicant John what's men you know I've species. In intensifies her learning opened and by yours and a if you ever meet Caroline editors if you should definitely if you don't know that we walk up there and say I've. Because you learn something. I don't think it's possible to walk away from Cairo without learning something and besides being wonderful vocal coach he's head of opera literally university now. And she's the course. That's right that's right as many hats and music administrator and is administrator library in you name it she doesn't and that's that's why we love her so all of the opera stuff of course is beloved. We have a lot of people in a long time. 11 side note the will be talking about a little bit and I hope I can get him on the podcast who's our our beloved box office manager eight years going to be retiring. In December. Pan so it's going to be you know and it's sad moment for us but we're gonna try and humiliate him before he goes. No one gets out of New Orleans opera laden I know and it's yours and your kind of now into this nice career road if there was advice you could use to young people who. Are interested in getting involved in the arts. Such as opera all encompassing. What would you tell because it's not easy. That most bodies. Now. America. The system the way it works for our audience that doesn't really know. The American way more people familiar if you get bachelors. Masters usually. You've been to training programs. Summer arts programs person in the yearlong residency. And they start working. Then there's the European mostly the German way where you just up and hope with a prayer in this case. And the differences are that the German system. Usually. That's masters but you get there and you learn by having. Tons and tons of performance. You 200. Gore knows or a 150. Field it doesn't idea. Where is the American system you learn by classes about watching great coaches you learn by. Under studying and going that way and I know which one's better. I've had an odd trajectory myself and you know. It was nineteen when I did my first young artist program which is particularly in the past the next oldest person the next youngest person rather. Was once twice. So there was a very wide range and then that I should talk while opera which has two levels they have a younger. The studio artist which are usually. Just finishing college and their masters in the apprentice artist were out there working digit Merrill opera which. It's a wider range but I agree Merrill as one of the top. Younger programs it's kind of forget it it's. It's the badly. And I mean but apparently it can range on ages and what was odd for me it was a lot of singers growth for all those steps. And then start perform. As I was performing in the middle. I was doing your programs and I had the wonderful rules here while opera and other companies. Very good to me when I was younger. And then symphonic works on two grosso. Trajectories are always going to be different and and being the greatest advice I can give is not actually mine at all. David Moore a lock the great opera to rector who was in charge of we'll opera for years and sort of the residents stage director here in new loans for. Thirty years and I needed moral and strategic value when you were there wasn't that I he was the University of Illinois artist residents there for everybody knows it ought. Everything Hitler and about stagecraft. I mean it has been perfected and sent. Mastered by other teachers but my basics all came from David Moore. And he gave me advice. As a sophomore. We were doing Gilbert and Sullivan's on the ears. And he cast me as the duke closet Toro which isn't actually technically attend a rule kind of Barrett and H but he said. You acted pretty well and you died. In Romeo and Juliet lets you do with common because a lot. And he was very kind that entire summer before we started I met him stoker can copy shut up and we go to the lines of work on comedy. And I was constantly asking him questions and sucking his was to. Add to out of at one point he said the greatest surprise I think. It is memorize. Everything you can't when you're. In in you know. Grab roles that you think you will do want to do. Learn them you know don't sing because you might really this is a vocal. Memorized text like a play because it is easier and I mean everyone listening in this probably test when you're younger you can memorize things quicker. He also set take every language class you can take. Which. Was a godsend to me. And then he said take every repertoire clash you can now. What I would taleo line change they have too many repertoire classes we have a vocal literature class and that was about it. But when I got to grad school at northwestern in Evanston Illinois. I took. Repertoire class they had. To the point that the register ax is that you were booked for way too many units this is gonna work in your schedule that we make it work and I hit. I've I went straight from Britain cost of underclassmen Italian rap class to a post modern Philip glad it didn't matter I wanted to learn about every element of vocal music because. The sad thing is a lot of people go through this thing they get their training. And I think that it's sad but not everyone's going and being shoppers after their tree that's true you know I mean. In my life you know retirement plan in my head when and I can no longer saying I actually wanted to take overcome. An excellent my head. I'm already now starting to look at the business hands what you need to do. Do you need to be like Max the dollar stock in the producers and they expect that. And so little a little bit. But you never know when you're in college where you're going in doubt so. And kids in schools in the song. Oh opera singers and avarice arts might have ever on record it listen to a CJ I mean they all do mostly. And I. Same with symphonic rap and remember singers and of course he's been published only better. But singers. Effort to oratory and Mike. Eight usually learn that sometimes console work pays more than operas it's that quickly changed their mind or. You can as I do you supplement you do them both I mean I leave immediately from this to go to Los Angeles to Bernstein's Centennial concert with the US symphony. But I'm accurate the up here doing the messiah I mean you're just. Julian wine and being good one element of vocal music does not make you less of musician and the others. And that would be my greatest advice to young people. Everything about vocal and choral music. While your young build good. Repertoire in your head. But don't. Jump into sync. Because you know our vocal chords that have been rubber bands are. In our throat and they are some very sensitive and they can easily beat edged and you know. You watch these kids. Singing competition. American Idol and things like that voice and the you know ten year old girl comes at seen as a doorman just like. I'm. It's the same one year old practicing NASA Darby and telling us up kid I've already heard about aids. So that's something learn and learning it. And being familiar with it does not mean sing and perform that I guess been. The simplified urged upon I. David info about the derby is that he has that was a long journey to get to that line. I'll see you soon. Be. It's. Rule. And the winners. It's. Yeah he's here. Highest. As longs. It's. O also. Being so yeah. It's. Me. News it's. We're. Voice. It is. You're okay. Okay. It is easy little. What we experience. It's. Yeah. This. It. Yeah it is. Okay. It's. It's okay. We're. This okay. The news this. And here's what's the harm the long haul. Okay. Yeah. Yeah we're. Okay. Well daughters. Old. Okay. What. One. This. Okay. Yeah. Casey kinda about singing happy not a feared from Lee hall ladies of the tempest. The parts of Talabani a wonderful speech. He is all alone trying to figure out why he is the smell formed thing. You learn and particularly keen to familiarize familiarize yourself with various things you learn what. You'd be your good. I would have never ever in my thought I'd be good modern news. And wasn't very good theory and college. You know I listened to a lot of the eight tunnel pantanal stuffing classes and I just kind of and my first I just really modern opera was. John Galliano is the coast of theirs oh I know the peace everywhere else. And explain villains which doesn't usually say they are excited page Tyson bodies are. By the horrible hallmark. And he O Mike. I did the heart of the worm from met additions here and wants probably about a decade ago. And I have some medicines. Time sentence. That's the one they remember is what he's saying aria the worm. I mean that was my start here you know customer site has its moments. That got me going and then I've now done a lot of Jake he's worked analog Dead Man Walking certain. Of love Jake as a person and as a musician. I got to work with him last year and so adore him. And in the opera that I have done more than anything else is under current streak earning designer. I mean I I. Done that so many times now I can actually seeing the entire thing every rule for you right. And it's a beautiful opera end. You know. This is for all of you opera lovers listen. Don't be afraid of modern outlaws you know I knew. Those few examples where it's like a cap being thrown against the ball. And I I been through a whole new opera into that category and that is not the case and I think like most about modern opera. Is that contemporary. Is that it is mainly about the tax means you know I mean that they're setting things. Like Laurie and desperate style letter the opera caddies Moby Dick he's a great. Lit pieces of literature literary masterpiece. Called mountain cold. Even even Dead Man Walking these are all agree books not Julia wasn't a win when Google did Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare wasn't on this high and lofty scale he could rip apart at characters change a word to whatever he wanted right now. You know because of the Internet because everyone has an opinion. If you start really changing texts too much in the eighties. Fantastic pieces of of literature. You're gonna get someone complain. So the new composers have to find a way to work with the language work with this close to actual text as possible. And still make it single and give you great music and that's what I'm Heatley lava and opera we've all during the champions. That's in March right turns glances champion and now that's a whole different level in and of itself because it is an opera in jazz engine. Pockets they whenever study that school you know I'll arrange that. Never came up I think there's like one other really. Let me finish it there was oh yeah exactly drop it's really ragtime yeah berth which right now if there was ever a city needed to do and operate in Jack it. Need to be new world I'm glad we're doing. We can throw a whole new fox beat people and start writing new regional opera based on Portland literature well and you know these new pieces. Just like in the old days that writing them for particular singers and I'm doing my first. Brand new piece coming in January. I consider them very very fortunate at The Metropolitan Opera. Called me and asked me to come to a brand new piece for them and it's Matthew Oakland's you read it's usually is and your man you get out and very. What's unique about his version is going to be told from her perspective you know there are. The re operable to operas and an opera all about or estimate this was finally going and a high accuracy field this. And that and that. If have a Greek chorus characters sort of public opinion task called the stones. This small stone big stone and loud and I'm outs. And but I don't doubt it at the ink is so. Wet on this piece at act three is still being written. That in the show starts on December 31. So calm. So from messiah right into this modern amazing thing them exactly so for roots to the met her I mean going for Kendall. Two I think Matthew Oakley is 23 years old and he's you know he's one of these people every once worked with his music his. Edgy and beautiful. With out sounding too much you know what I mean because. Easy where moderates like using conservative and liberal but when you re when you say moderate a misnomer right. In my head when it's a modern I actually always think of like. Subject hi I cannot. Glass is hardly moderate means that I just pieces of 3040 years old. So. Older colleagues because they were my back at all. Britain was at her. But not not. Nobody uttered a hundred years old. So yeah. My greatest advice to opera goers just don't be afraid of you works in that we did. Marched to come here a few years ago. I was very fortunate to have very nice roll. And I'll forget the large town I was living in California the time. And I'm walking out of the restaurants and people's. Human and yet we're not going to monitor. A month. Kinda tough. I think to about it was written in 1850 you know it just looks pilot. Couldn't. It's a daughter's favorite opera I don't know. He modern way. But you know people do they get afraid they get their boxes and and even when it's different that's maybe afraid of opera because so I think people are always afraid of opera a little bit evil even just die hard. You know goers because I think what happens is you know aren't either it's your anticipation of what you want it to be or your expectation I should say. And the anticipation you know or are afraid won't know what's going on. You know what that's what we go to the theater though exactly is to not know what's going on you can go to Netflix you can watch TV. You walk down the street you know exactly which you're gonna get the whole idea my fear is that you won't know what's going to happen from moment to moment for at least two hours per hour block and I don't think there's anything wrong with that they're not you know and. I don't wish I would hate me for sharing this story where there with few. Dottie Doherty Randall's body Randle who is our coach for this production. I loved audio worked with Nadia she top class and here in new world several Times Square and Donahue. Always says. She's from San Antonio trying to do her accent. Only play music progressing to hootie if everything else asked pre and post news. And I've always loved that quote and then she was telling me just yesterday about seeing hydrogen jukebox that summer. She's that I have avoided all the rehearsals I knew I was gonna like it she's finally wind sat there and by the end it was ball. It was such a moving piece of theaters and it is such good music but she was crying and I said now don't you feel she's. Well it still might be post music but I loved it and and that's. You all did Adam market skis as one this site. That's right we did it at the end of may be your I know package was considered part of this season lassie not it was a little interest me in the agencies in the job. Yeah. And I have never. I had never seen that piece I'd never heard it I knew about it and so I went in knowing the story. Knowing what was going to go on. When I tell you they were people behind me. Actually cry. I mean. Full on all I thought the panic attack yeah tears going on behind me. And during the intermission I asked them or during that the and at the end of the opera I ask them had a bit of an opera before and they said no they all like this. And I said they should all talk and your strings a little you know even the companies you know you know you you should be able if we do our jobs right. As a singing actors. There should be something in that piece which tugs at in you know I must crock and I I don't. You know I I adore when they cry. There's only been one time I started crying and I've felt like such a Schwab. But I was singing Kato's aria from two to two shot in the very last one in the opera ends and he just kind of realizes. Now we all right core angles are. And I love corn gold but I did that for competition and you know. I learned the trick when I was young and you and an aria. You kind of picture someone you love Berry won two love or can't love slowly disappear. And that gives your eyes this little bit of extra life. End of an aria and so I didn't. And as I picture that line suggests started. Crying. And the judges what was with such an. What. Really happened. You. But sometimes we do right even talk to our heart strings you know we're humans that's right well let the bath actually you know. When you resonate the feeling is genuine in June in hand. The audience. Got it right tell when your main thing you know they sure can and I know right away Ivy League and you can't let's look at the funny thing. One with. What won him laugh consultants in the but the funny thing about about people in music like we all pretend like we have secrets rate. And and that's one of the things that we like Robinson has to watching people pretend you know they have secrets but with the audience knows what we all truly known our hearts is there are no secrets among humans. You know and. That's what makes. I think. All actors but particularly opera singers. You have to sort of low yourself. And it I don't mean demeaned button you have to reduce all of these layers and order to get to this level where you can expose yourself. To an audience safeties right if you don't. Then there'll always be wall at an extra I'm not a method actor by any stretch of the imagination a Dead Man Walking with a powerful. I know a lot of singers that and of that execution. Can't even socialize there's a shaken I'm not gonna perform you know I I'm like that in the moment. In the second they say a cure worse Obama wears the Berkman. I got it but. Moment I definitely feel myself you know exceptional. Police Shrek and losing onion layers of the onion I am. Which is violent so it's impossible to hate opera singers because you know either were always performing in war we're just so exposed vulnerable and emotional. I. Mean. I love. Vulnerability. To the show. Has done more new worlds opera's production models years ago news the last ones we did it to McAllister. In the post-Katrina here. And no one had done it before and I'm fairly certain. Robert had conducted before the director had none of the singer's I was at a small role in it. And so when we used on it before back and sometimes really go high. But achiever such beautiful music and it was such a good story that instead Regis all. If it's men. That to date was one of the most powerful. Experiences I've ever had because. Every one experienced. Every emotion. I was dancing past I was there for comic effect. And still. I felt everything that Arnold did you hit certain range. So scored the Euro that's why that's why we didn't. Beautiful well Casey I can't think you know offered taking the time to come speak with me and speak to our audience about this opera about your wonderful career. Were all following news and very excited to see what comes in your future even next week at RPS in the underworld. I'm well Denver. Tenth and twelfth we want to come out and of course come to the rest of the operas were doing seven opera's more. Venues different places Tabasco will be at the Petit theatre in the quarter. And then we've got the media which will be at the jazz marketplace. So we've got lots of different variety this year and of course Terence Blanchard. Champion coming up in March were very excited about that. This will be a historic opera for many many reasons so be sure to get your tickets now at New Orleans opera dot org. Or you can call at 5045293000. And remember opera connects and we connect to you now every week on here in New Orleans opera at large with your host. Joseph McKesson AKA opera Joseph the marketing director of New Orleans opera thank you. See you next week thanks to. Yeah. Yeah.