Pat Monahan from Train

Wednesday, May 16th

Steve Suter talked to the lead singer of Train about their co-headlining concert with Hall & Oates and which songs they'll play together. Plus when we'll hear new Train music and the last time they were in New Orleans.


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Thank you so much for chicken in which isn't really appreciated. You can hear me OK you know I asked that because about a month ago I just interviewed Daryl hall and as we went through the camera station he would be very Clyde would say Steve why I can't hear you like what every question he would say can't hear you can hear you so I'd have some advice you know we just talked to Darrell screamer allowed. If I don't I don't think it's an age they had just think you know artists are after awhile you hearing just goes. And uptight and might hear you. Like I think I pay what. More often and most could be like you know no matter how old they are good BQ here next to them pull back thank you didn't fumble. Or to register at that you loot. That back when equipped battery don't buy it. Did you agree here at eight. Scattered. From that registered and you have long at bat Taylor. Your butt back. But that's me that's so interesting because that is just such a human thing that I think a lot of artists I mean a lot of artists they're dealing. You know not a bad concussion that it had to go through the late work. Exactly but it but it. A residual. Back there and it. Part of the game and now. Well today it was as a talking about Darryl I've got to mention how much I enjoyed and always a couple years ago high enjoyed your performance on live from Darryl house which is just one of his popular cable shows of people don't know it was really really great. They got art and appreciate. That I would like to hear about it that. I am well every candidate and mangers later Toronto on art. Or. Everybody. And you have been elected this year and I Wear them out tower that played our. Our aero out. It was there what song that you remember you know getting together and saying OK I data due this Holland notes on this is one of my favorites. Well you know I don't audited to be good typical one to pick but the one that I think are happy to do. And that would do every night together it waits for. Which I beat you from Matt. And Adobe altogether June 28 is the show pitcher tickets to see Holland notes and train up a pat on if you remember but like at the CI guess it was about a year ago you were here. I mean there was some love coming into war was did you guys seem to always be here. But you hear it champions square that was I think last may and I unfortunately was kind of a rainy day but still a great show you guys came on performed. Well you don't look we have outlook about their bit. We epic cut. Show short. On. Whether it can make good good actually did our people. And you know look we learned the art but not out here grip. Don't map around but mother nature should win. You and Bill Elliott stop bad you know we wait about an hour or a paper at least. I edit. I think we. One of the band. And the public option but look. Look at Portland. Keep backing. And hopefully make up girl that paid and went back. No created will be great because as the greats time for everybody that maybe didn't go to that show because of the rain comes C train and Holland notes that's at June 28 show at the smoothie king centering entity is now that pat is the band still together for this George Jimmy and Jerry and -- drew so common. Well I'd cheer and through and Louie and and Hector are all going to be their electoral Nikita and and I. It brought back about about being attacked and you know our last. Week we left out of oil though I think joke on me. Particularly by they'll be an advocate. A lot of our. Are accurate picture in critical that. Good always like to mention the band mates but I always like to appreciate all the of the guys in the band so it's it's good that you do the same. I'll listen well before we let you go I know we had play that song was one of the last KG really catchy songs you guys did any new material coming up pat. Yet order there are out right now called Billy get it not Brooke all the note I'll bet I'm audit. A virulent that aren't together. And aren't you or. A B and Newt trained not to come out and not big real special it. And happy epic. Could it be real art. Pat we always appreciate the conversation and we look Ford senior with a band your June 28 at the smoothie king senator and we look forward to seeing that night and I'd be safe on the road. Great a lot of the.